Who should host the Oscars? (Poll)

Now that Eddie Murphy has quit as Oscar host, Gold Derby’s forum users have sounded off on who should take his place.

“Well didn’t Billy Crystal say that he wanted to host again?” asks EliGrant. “Maybe this is a sign that he should host again.”

Breakaway Frost is also on Team Crystal saying, “Please no younger people. I hope they brign back Billy Crystal or even Whoopi Goldberg.”

“Given this mess, I think they need someone that is a known quantity,” writes Mysterious Rent. “Know what the person brings to the table. They don’t have to be great, but they need to be reliably good. Hugh Jackman would be a good choice. Ellen DeGeneres might fit this as well. Billy Crystal would fit and the nostalgia might bring some viewers.”

Scottferguson isn’t a Crystal fan. “Billy Crystal? He’d be minimally competent, but totally a desperation-no-one-else-wants-to-do-it choice,” he said. “I suspect Tom Hanks may end up stepping into the breech as host.”

DS0816 suggests a female host. “I’d like it to be a leading lady comfortable with hosting chores. In my mind, I’m thinking of past best-actress champs like Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep. I’d like another year of doing without a comedian as host. If Mirren and Streep don’t strike some as ideal suggestions, it may be a good time to get Oprah Winfrey.”


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