Whoopi Goldberg sorry for slamming New York Times over Oscars article

Whoopi Goldberg apologized to the  New York Times on Wednesday’s edition of “The View” for having called their reporting “shoddy.” On Monday’s show, she had taken the paper to task for excluding her name from an article about African-American Oscar winners. She and the rest of the ladies excoriated Manohla Darigis and A.O. Scott —  the writers of Sunday’s piece — for faulty fact-checking.

The focus of the feature was the racially homogenous nature of the current crop of Oscar contenders. Using the 2001 lead acting wins by Halle Berry (“Monster’s Ball”) and Denzel Washington (“Training Day”) as a reference point, the authors noted the names of those African-Americans who had won Oscars since, but lumped the previous champs into one collective group.

Among those not mentioned explicitly was Goldberg, the 1990 Best Supporting Actress winner for “Ghost.” On Monday, Goldberg made mention of this, even bringing her Oscar to the table to drive home her point. While she acknowledged being one of a handful of performers to have earned the EGOT (with her Emmy, Grammy and Tony wins as well), Goldberg did not bring up a far more striking fact — she is the only African-American actress to have contended twice for the Oscars (she was a Best Actress nominee in 1985 for “The Color Purple”).

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