Will Emmys finally turn ‘Sunny’ for Kaitlin Olson? [Video]

The long-running laffer “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” follows five self-involved underachievers who manage the run-down Paddy’s Pub in, of course, the city of brotherly love. On the FX hit show, Kaitlin Olson plays Dee Reynolds, twin sister to Dennis (Glenn Howerton), and daughter of Frank (Danny DeVito). Charlie Day plays Charlie while Olson’s real-lfe husband Rob McElhenney is Mac.

Olson tells Gold Derby she was worried about being cast as just “the girl” when the creators — Day, Howerton and McElhenny — offered her the role back in 2005. “Unfortunately that typically means the one who has all the exposition and tells you what’s going on in the story and says ‘come on this is never going to work out’ and I didn’t want to do that.” She says they soon convinced otherwise. “They were like ‘We promise we will let you be as crazy as we are and as hideous of a character as we are’ and they were right, they did a good job.”

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The show proudly pulls no punches when it comes to controversial issues. The recently wrapped sixth season saw the gang deal with transsexual marriage, blackface, divorce, incest and Christmas prostitution. For Olson, “because these people are so ridiculous and that kind of allows us to get away with the subject matter because we’re not making fun of people we are making fun of these particular people … We never feel like it’s that offensive; we think it’s funny, that’s all.”


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