Will faulty ‘Rampart’ screeners hurt Woody Harrelson’s Oscar chances?

Woody Harrelson‘s performance in “Rampart” has already earned him lead actor nominations from the Independent Spirit Awards and Golden Satellites, but faulty DVD screeners sent to Academy members could slow his traction.


A letter sent to Academy members from distributor Millennium Entertainment explains, “It has been brought to our attention that the DVD screeners sent to some Academy members are severely flawed. They were compressed and replicated incorrectly which caused digital noise, artifacting, solarization, and horizontal banding lines to appear on the screener. These technical problems do not exist on the original film.”

The company is offering replacements to those with problematic copies. But with so many screeners waiting to be watched, will voters bother to get replacements if their copy of “Rampart” is defective?

Harrelson is currently predicted to get an Oscar nod by five Gold Derby Experts: JD Cargill (CNN), Sean O’Connell (Hollywood News), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) and Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere).

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