William H. Macy is ‘Shameless’ about being ‘luckiest guy in the world’

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world!,” proclaims William H. Macy as he talks about landing the lead in Showtime’s new hit series  “Shameless.” As he admits to senior editors Rob Licuria and Chris Beachum, “At my age, to get a role like this, at this point in my career, well I’m blessed.” After checking out the first episode of the original British series about a working class family, Macy thought it “genius” but revealed he “didn’t watch the first season until about midway through our season because there is a real danger I would start imitating those guys.”

As Frank Gallagher, the alcoholic, careless, shaggy father of six, Macy is a strong contender at this year’s Emmys for Best Drama Actor. However, despite nine nods and two wins (for starring in and producing the 2003 telefilm “Door to Door”), he is not making any assumptions: “When you get an Emmy nomination, it’s from your peers and it means something. You’re at the top of your game. Only a fool wouldn’t stop for a second and give thanks about that.” But, Macy adds, “I go to a lot of awards shows. I must tell you, they are a lot more fun when you win! No comparison!”

In this compelling conversation, Macy also discusses the influence of David Mamet on his career, what he looks for in a performance when casting his Oscar ballot and whether he and his wife, Emmy champ Felicity Huffman (“Desperate Housewives”), argue or agree when watching movies.

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