Who is the best of the Best Director Oscar winners?


Our forum posters have run down the least deserving performers to take home Oscars in debates over Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress and Best Actor. And they have named the worst of the Best Picture winners.  

Now, they turn their attention to the best of the best beginning with a debate over the director who was the most deserving of an Academy Award. Below, just a sample of their thoughts.

Join in with your opinion as to which helmer outdirected all the others.  


The ‘best’ director of all time?!? Well from the list, I’d give full/partial credit to Victor “Icamelately” Fleming, who directed that adaptation for all of it’s flaws. But personally, who I’d consider a great director(s) isnt up there. Love Woody Allen‘s “Annie Hall” and Elia Kazan‘s “On the Waterfront.”

Jay Felice

Individually for these particular films, Fosse/Cabaret gets my vote. Nichols/The Graduate a close second. However, Wilder is my fav director ever. Allen/Annie Hall and Kazan/On the Waterfront are also major favs … though I just pulled out my OTWF dvd and was kinda irritated by Bernstein’s score … personally wish Kazan had reined him in a bit or at least toned it down volume wise in editing.


I vote for Bob Fosse too.

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Of this list, Steven Spielberg. I also considered Woody Allen, Mike Nichols, and Bob Fosse.

Scott Ferguson

Appreciate your efforts, but for me, that list doesn’t reflect the best in the category.

Frank Borzage/Seventh Heaven
Leo McCary/The Awful Truth
John Ford/How Green Was My Valley
John Ford/The Quiet Man
Michael Curtiz/Casablanca
Clint Eastwood/Unforgiven

All vastly superior to all on that list except for perhaps (close) David Lean.


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