Which Best Actor Oscar winner was the most undeserving?


While there are those Oscar champs who get a warm reception, others leave people cold. Our forum posters have debated the least deserving Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress champs. Now they turn their attention to the worst of the Best Actor winners.

Below, just a sample of their thoughts. Join in with your opinion as to which winner was the biggest loser.

Miss Frost

Jamie Foxx should give his Oscar to Leonardo DiCaprio.
Jeff Bridges should give his Oscar to any of the other four.
Kevin Spacey should give his Oscar to Denzel Washington or Russell Crowe.
Roberto Benigni needs to give his Oscar to any of the other four.
Paul Scofield should by far give his to Richard Burton.
Robert Donat needs to give his Oscar to Clark Gable.
Cliff Robertson needs to give his to Peter O’Toole.
Art Carney should give his to Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino.

Mysterious Rent 

The easy top choice for me is Lee Marvin. “Cat Ballou” is such a terrible film, no one could be worthy in it. A truly inexplicable choice.


Roberto Benigni over Ian McKellen for “Gods and Monsters”
Art Carney over Jack Nicholson for “Chinatown”
John Wayne over Dustin Hoffman for “Midnight Cowboy”
Michael Douglas over Marcello Mastroianni for “Dark Eyes”

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As much as I want to vote for Kevin Spacey here, there’s Roberto Benigni’s name staring me in the face, so I have to vote for him instead. One of the worst Oscar wins I’ve seen the Academy bestow to an actor.


Art Carney beat Jack Nicholson, Albert Finney, Dustin Hoffman AND Al Pacino. LOL
Pacino gave one of the most unbelievable performances of all time and Nicholson was outstanding too. Carney won because of his status and, of course, was a lovely performance, but the actors that he was up against were way better.


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