Which Best Actress Oscar winner was the most undeserving?


For every Oscar winner who receives a standing ovation, there is another who leaves people puzzled as to how they prevailed. Our forum posters have already dished the most head-scratching Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor winners. Now they turn their attention to the worst of the Best Actress champs.

Below, just a sample of their thoughts. Join in with your opinion as to which winner was the biggest loser.

Baby Clyde 

Helen Hunt by a mile. Worst Best Actress win of all time bar Bette Davis in “Dangerous” who is so bad it’s laughable.


Kate Winslet in “The Reader” should give her Oscar to Kate Winslet in “Revolutionary Road.”


I ended up voting for Grace Kelly based more on the fact that her work is decent and that compared to Judy Garland in “A Star is Born,” she was a mouse standing next to a lion. However, I was thisclose to voting for Reese Witherspoon as I found her to be the most forgettable of the lineup and she beat out a very strong contender (Felicity Huffman) but she did have some nice moments …. eh maybe I should have pondered this more and voted for Witherspoon, whose spark from movies like “Freeway”, “Election”, and “Legally Blonde” seemed to vanish.

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Snidely Whiplash

Reese Witherspoon (the “Singing Nag”) should give her Oscar to anybody else (Felicity Huffman? Keira Knightley?).


I think its a toss up between Hunt and Witherspoon who got my vote. Rewse was so ordinary in “Walk the Line” it just amazes me that voters saw the performance as anything more then just satisfactory.


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