Who is the best of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar winners? [Poll]


Our forum posters have run down the least deserving performers to take home Oscars in debates over Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress and Best Actor. And they have named the worst of the Best Picture winners.  

Now, they have turned their attention to the best of the best. They have already dished director, leading lady, leading man and featured female to determine who was the most deserving of an Academy Award. Below, read just a sample of their thoughts on the ultimate supporting actor winner. 

Join in with your opinion as to which featured fellow stood out the most.  


I think Kevin Spacey in “The Usual Suspects” was quite overrated. Some of my personal favourite Supporting Actor winners: Heath Ledger, Christoph Waltz and Javier Bardem (and probably the best three-year streak in that, or possibly any category in the history of Oscar winners). Another one of my favourite winners is Joe Pesci in “Goodfellas.”

Carol Channing

My top three:
1. Timothy Hutton, “Ordinary People”
2. Christoph Waltz, “Inglourious Basterds”
3. Martin Landaut, “Ed Wood  

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Ledger, Waltz, and Spacey are where it is at for me. Granted, I haven’t seen all of those films, so shame on me. Still, those roles are so haunting, but so great to watch that as villainous as they are, I can’t help but cheer them on.


Heath Ledger. Never before or since have I seen an actor so completely immerse himself in the role, and all the while making it look completely effortless. Never once did Ledger come off as fake, nor did he overact. He perfectly walked the line between showy and subtle. Quite simply, he became The Joker, and I doubt I’ll see another performance in a superhero movie reach the level that Ledger achieved in “The Dark Knight.”


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