Animator Patrick Doyon on making Oscars shortlist for ‘Dimanche’

Among the ten finalists in this year’s Oscar race for Best Animated Short Film is “Dimanche.” Directed by Patrick Doyon, this is his first try at an Oscar bid. He talked to Gold Derby’s Adam Waldowski about his film, the Oscar shortlist, and his upcoming work.

Gold Derby: “Dimanche” has a very unique look. What inspired that?
Patrick Doyon: Primarily I’m influenced by the comic and especially the European style comics, like black-and-white ones. That’s really the source of inspiration for me.

GD: What was your reaction to “Dimanche” making the Oscar shortlist?
PD: Well, of course, I was very happy to have been selected. Within that list of 45 films, there are some very excellent ones. Nothing has been determined yet, but I would be very, very pleased to be on the nominee list, mostly because it would help get the film out to audiences and be seen.

GD: Are you mainly interested in continuing shorts work or are you interested in features at all?
PD: For now, I don’t really have the ambition to make a feature-length animated film. I’m going to keep working in the short medium. Primarily, I don’t want to manage a huge team of people around me. I really enjoyed working with the small number of people on this particular project. It allowed me to do the creative work instead of managing — giving up the creativity to manage a big team. I believe that until now, I haven’t really had the experience that is required for making a feature film. So I’m still working in the short medium.

GD: What do you have planned next?
PD: I alternate illustration and animation. Right now, I’m busy on a project where I’m illustrating a young adult comic. It’s not something I’ve written the text for, but later in the year I’ll start work on a script for my own short film which I’ll then animate.

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