Box office report: ‘The Descendants’ tops $70 million

Three of the leading Oscar contenders — “The Artist, “The Descendants” and “Hugo” — all lost screens but took in the same if not more than last week on a per-screen basis. Others had slight upticks while the rest are almost at the end of their runs.  



A Separation” (Sony Pictures Classics) – week 7
$288,019 in 45 theaters (+ 5); PSA: $6,400; Cumulative: $1,644,616
Adding another 5 theaters, knocked the PSA down by 20%. 

Bottom line: This Foreign Language Oscar contender is on track to do better than last year’s winner “In a Better World.”


The Artist” (The Weinstein Co.) – week 12
$2,565,000 in 808 theater (- 197); PSA: $2,829; Cumulative: $24,047,786
While it dropped 20% of its screens, the PSA jumped by almost 15%.

Bottom line: By staying patient till the Oscars, this could widen well boosted by a Best Picture win.   

Hugo” (Paramount) – week 12
$1,800,000 in 702 theaters (- 308); PSA: $2,564; Cumulative: $64,476,810
After topping 1,000 screens last week, it shed 1/3 of them but still maintained an impressive PSA for this late in a run. 

Bottom line: Even with a Best Picture win looking less likely, there remains interest in this movie. 

The Descendants” (Fox Searchlight) – week 13
$4,600,000 in 1,581 theaters (- 457); PSA: $2,214; Cumulative: $70,729,613
Despite losing 25% of its theater, its PSA stayed almost the same and it remained in the top 10. 

Bottom line: This has outgrossed helmer Alexander Payne‘s “Sideways.”


Albert Nobbs” (Roadside Attractions) – week 3
$533,610 in 151 theaters (- 94); PSA: $1,852; Cumulative – $2,039,299
Dropping 40% of its theaters and 20% of its PSA  is not a good sign. 

Bottom line: Expect this to contract even further next weekend. 

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (Warner Brothers) – week 7
$1,505,000 in 1,375 theaters (- 1130); PSA: $1,095; Cumulative – $9,439,899
After a bump from that Best Picture bid, this film slid back another 50%.  

Bottom line: Being able to tout the film as an Oscar contender wasn’t enough to keep interest in this hard sell. 

The Iron Lady” (The Weinstein Co.) – week 7
$1,129,000 in 512 theaters (- 509); PSA: $2,205; Cumulative: $22,770,295
By cutting screens in half, the PSA rose by 20%.

Bottom line: That this British picture has appealed to American audiences is a testament to Meryl Streep

War Horse” (Buena Vista) – week 8
$411,000 in 502 theaters (- 661); PSA: $819; Cumulative: $78,159,374
The PSA is in the three figures for the second week in a row . 

Bottom line: Expect this one to fade even further before Oscar night. 

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (Focus) – week 10
$553,197 in 233 theaters (- 69); PSA: $2,374; Cumulative: $22,000,766
The Best Actor nod for Gary Oldman kept the PSA fairly static. 

Bottom line: This taut spy thriler should keep audience attention till Oscar weekend.

My Week with Marilyn” (The Weinstein Co.) – week 11
$206,000 in 125 theaters (- 46); PSA: $1,648; Cumulative: $13,342,056
Despite another drop in screens, the PSA stayed about the same as moviegoers turned out to see nominees Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh

Bottom line: Expect it to play to this level till Oscar weekend. 

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