Brent Sexton in ‘heavy-duty’ grief mode on ‘The Killing’ [Video]

Brent Sexton was forced to endure lots of grief and pain every day on the set of the AMC drama series “The Killing.” In the first episode last spring, his character Stan Larsen was told his teenaged daughter Rosie had been murdered. Each of the following 25 episodes has represented one day in the aftermath and murder investigation.


In a video interview with Gold Derby, Sexton revealed, “There’s some heavy-duty stuff on the show, you know. It requires staying in that lower vibration, I guess. I mean it’s sort of what the craft is. I’ve learned ways to balance myself out after I go home, whether it’s playing the guitar or watching ‘Monty Python,’ whatever the right tool for the right job.”

Over the course of the first two seasons, audiences have learned of Stan’s troubled childhood and that he once worked as a muscle man and enforcer for a local Polish mobster and was even ordered to murder another man as part of his job. In an effort to reform and have a better life, he married Mitch (Michelle Forbes), became the father of three, and started his own moving and storage company. In recent episodes, he has been forced to seek help from his former boss to try and find Rosie’s killer on his own.

For Sexton, “Stan is a guy who never gained resolution on his past. I think he carries massive guilt and shame for killing Lexie’s father. That’s something that has stayed with him. When he couldn’t resolve it, he tried to go in the other direction, tried to go toward something that would give him some sort of pride rather than shame. Having the family business as a successful businessman, his thinking kind of shifts from the egocentric into right or wrong. It was part of his evolution.”

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Sexton will be on the Emmy Awards ballot this summer in the Best Drama Supporting Actor category. The program did well with voters last year, with nominations for Mireille Enos in lead, Forbes in supporting, Veena Sud for writing, and Patty Jenkins for directing. If nominated, Sexton is considering the episodes “Ogi Jun” (where Stan confronts his old boss and almost attacks him) or “Keylela” (where Stan kicks out his sister-in-law and speaks at a press conference) to submit to Emmy judges.

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