News Nuggets: Civil Wars among top winners at the Americana Awards

Justin Bieber admits his desire to win a Grammy: “Justin Bieber isn’t done reaching for the stars. The wildly successful artist might have conquered plenty of goals, but there is one that is close to his heart. Justin Bieber wants a Grammy for his music. The entertainer has won other awards, but getting a Grammy is special as it reflects the opinion of peers in the music business. On Wednesday the entertainer shared his goal with Ryan Seacrest on a sneak peek of ‘Rock Center with Brian Williams.’ ‘Grammy, I haven’t won a Grammy. That was something that … when I was little wanted,’ said Justin Bieber explaining his next goal. ‘What if I won a Grammy? That would be crazy.'” EXAMINER

Still wondering why the #$&% Kelsey Grammer was snubbed by the #$&%-ing Emmys for “Boss“? Mayor Tom Kane is not #$&%-ing happy about it. YOUTUBE

Sarah Jessica Parker addresses the comparisons between “Girls” and “Sex and the City”: “Lena Dunham‘s Emmy-nominated HBO comedy ‘Girls,’ in which grimy Williamsburg in Brooklyn is an appropriate recession-era stand-in for ‘SATC’s’ stock-market-surging 1990s Manhattan, has inspired next-generation comparisons. ‘It’s a very different show,’ says Parker. ‘But the similarity is in the intimacy of the conversations among women.’ When it’s pointed out that her portrayal might have had a little something to do with bringing Carrie to life (and her six Emmy nominations for lead comedy actress, including a long-awaited win in 2004), Parker demurs: ‘Well, that’s not for me to say,’ though she admits finally that winning was ‘the perfect punctuation point for what was an extraordinary experience.'” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Making a case for why TV is currently better than the movies: “… there appears to be a preferential shift away from movies and toward television. I would bet that you have noticed that your friends are more excited for new episodes of a favorite show than they are for the release of a super-hyped studio tentpole movie. Sure, some of the reason for there being more good TV shows than movies is arithmetic: There are more networks producing series than ever, and also it is much more convenient to access those shows on your DVR or streaming service. But there’s more to it than just volume and convenience. The most significant reason TV is favored has to be the overall malaise that has taken hold of the movie audience, which is illustrated by the oft-heard phrase, ‘There is nothing out worth seeing.'” VULTURE

The Civil Wars among winners at the Americana Awards: “Gillian Welch and her partner Dave Rawlings, The Civil Wars and Alabama Shakes took home trophies, but Music City was the big winner at Wednesday night’s Americana Honors & Awards. Five of six winners at the Ryman Auditorium event are based in Nashville, further cementing the city’s growing reputation as a roots music destination. Welch won artist of the year and Rawlings broke Buddy Miller‘s stranglehold on the instrumentalist of the year category. And The Civil Wars, fresh from learning that debut album ‘Barton Hollow‘ has gone gold, won duo/group of the year.” ASSOCIATED PRESS

Seth MacFarlane on why he couldn’t turn down hosting the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live“: “You might think Seth MacFarlane has a show-biz bucket list … Was this just the next gig on his to-do list? ‘Not exactly,’ MacFarlane said Tuesday. ‘When things come up, I tackle them if they sound fun. That’s how I decide what to do and what not to do. It’s what sounds like it’s going to be a good time.’ But there’s another reason he was reporting to Studio 8H. ‘They asked me,’ he explained. ‘It’s the kind of thing you don’t say “no” to if you’re in comedy.'” ACCESS HOLLYWOOD

Olga Kurylenko discusses becoming Terrence Malick‘s muse in “To the Wonder“: “In “To the Wonder,” which had its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival Monday, Kurylenko stars as Marina, a soul-searching Ukranian raising her young daughter alone in Paris who falls in love with traveling American Neil (Ben Affleck) and moves to Oklahoma with him … The morning after the premiere, Indiewire caught up with Kurylenko, who demystified the Malick process and revealed what she makes of the film.” INDIEWIRE

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