Dane Cook on ‘closing a chapter’ with Louis C.K. on FX’s ‘Louie’ [Video]

Superstar comedian Dane Cook made a surprise guest appearance on Louis C.K.‘s critically acclaimed FX comedy series “Louie” last season. The two comics open up old wounds surrounding the controversial allegations that Cook had plagiarised C.K.’s material.


“On a very personal level,” Cook recalls in a video chat with Gold Derby, “I thought it was a way to finally close a chapter on something that had taken on legs of its own. It was nice to reclaim it for Louis and myself.”

The pivotal scene is played out as a behind-the-scenes encounter between the two as C.K. visits Cook backstage to ask him for tickets to a Lady Gaga concert. As they uncomfortably and candidly address the controversy, they ultimately reconcile under one condition — that C.K. apologize to Cook for failing to combat the perception that Cook stole his jokes.

“It’d been four years since we had spoken after everything had hit the fan, so to speak,” recalls Cook about how C.K. first reached out to him via email about being on the show.

It became one of the most talked-about scenes from last season, and surprisingly steered very closely to the script, according to Cook. “A lot of people think that it was off the cuff and improvised, but it was 99.9 percent verbatim what Louis had written, and if there was anything off book it was probably because I made a mistake!” Cook laughs as he adds, “it was really true to the text. Louis knew what he wanted; I had faith that if I gave Louis what he needed that he would go off into the lab and create something that was fair. Fair to both of us.”

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Although the episode has allowed both to move past the controversy, Cook reveals that he was concerned as to the outcome. “It was a little daunting. It’s always tough when you put yourself in an editor’s hands, especially as a comedian, because it’s all so specific to timing and pauses and cadence,” he admits. And, he concedes, it was “a little bit more daunting to put it into the hands of somebody that you know could crush you like a bug with each and every edit. But I wanted to do it. I believe in Louis’ talent, regardless of what anybody wanted to think they believed about the two of us.”

Cook also speaks at length about his remarkable career as one of the most successful stand-up comedians of the last decade, including his run of record-breaking comedy albums and drawing thousands of screaming fans to sold-out arena tours worldwide.

And he talks about moving his career into a different direction as an actor in films “Employee of the Month” and “Good Luck Chuck” and his upcoming sitcom “Next Caller,” which premieres on NBC this fall and co-stars Collette Wolf and six-time Emmy nominee Jeffrey Tambor.


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