News Nuggets: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ could elevate comic book movies to Oscars

Making a case for why “The Dark Knight Rises” could win Oscars: “‘The Dark Knight Rises’ probably has the best chance ever for a superhero film to rise into the best-picture mix at February’s Oscars. The film is the last in a celebrated trilogy that elevated comic-book movies to operatic proportion, and Hollywood likes sending finales out with a lovely door-prize (Peter Jackson‘s first two ‘Lord of the Rings’ films were Oscar also-rans before the trilogy’s conclusion won best picture). It has the weight and scope – and then some – of 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight,’ the ‘Batman Begins’ sequel whose snub in the best-picture field helped prod the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to expand the category to more than five nominees.” ASSOCIATED PRESS

New facility in Grove, Oklahoma, will manufacture Emmys and Golden Globes: “New York-based Society Awards, which provides statues for the Golden Globes, the Emmys and the MTV Movie Awards, is building a 12,000-square-foot facility in Grove where it will assemble the high-end trophies. The company’s founder and CEO, David Moritz, attended Grove High School and looked to the northeastern Oklahoma city when he needed a place with ample warehouse space for his company. ‘We do most of the award shows,’ Moritz said. ‘We usually assemble them, engrave them or add the names, then send them out to the winners.'” TULSA WORLD

General Hospital” cast and crew celebrate their ten Emmy wins: “It wouldn’t be a ‘General Hospital’ party without a giant cake, and the latest one was in celebraton of the show’s 10 Daytime Emmy wins. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn won one of them, but she’s more excited about what’s ahead for her character. “I think mom may have sex for the first time in about seven years so to me, that’s huge news! That’s big news! Yay!” said Grahn. What else is on the way before the end of summer? Executive producer Frank Valentini dropped a little hint. “No one will perish. Some people will come awfully close and there will be some wonderful surprises coming back — some true fan favorites from a long time ago and from not so long ago,” said Valentini.” ABC 7

Bryan Cranston picks his thirteen favorite moments of “Breaking Bad“: “Cranston, who was mostly recognized for his for his comedic work on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ before he was cast for ‘Breaking Bad,’ thinks of Walter as a gift because of the range required to be a loving husband and father who is sharp enough to become a drug lord and deviant enough to become a murderer. “He doesn’t realize what he’s become,” Cranston said … The Daily Beast asked Cranston to pick his favorite Walter White moments. Cranston narrowed the list to 13, focusing on scenes where ‘something propelled Walt to the next thing or changed him somewhat or made the situation more profound.'” THE DAILY BEAST

Dan Harmon talks at length about his “Community” ouster: “Dan Harmon has been nothing but up-front about the whole ‘getting fired as showrunner of “Community”‘ thing. But this time Harmon’s not chatting on his Tumblr, as is his standard M.O., but in an actual, real human conversation. Sitting down with Marc Maron for an interview on ‘Attack of the Show,’ Harmon was candid and resigned about his departure, even going so far as to say it was partially a relief to lose his job: ‘At this point I was doing it for the fans. These are people who will make you weep. These are 16-year-old girls who decide they want two characters to be together and they make YouTube videos and spend more time editing them than the people who edit the television show.'” GRANTLAND

How might “Downton Abbey” affect the drama categories at the Emmys? “When the Emmy nominations are announced on July 19, you’ll probably see quite a few repeat nominees. It’s what the Emmys does, to a large extent, and as discussed previously, it’s unlikely that any new shows not named ‘Homeland‘ will get a bucketful of nominations. There is one returning show, however, that has the potential to shake up several races: ‘Downton Abbey.’ PBS’ British import is moving from the movie/miniseries field to the drama series categories this year, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the show come close to matching the 11 nominations it received in 2011. If ‘Downton’ scores a big nomination haul, though, that means other shows and performers might get left out in the cold.” ZAP2IT

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