Our forum posters react to Daytime Emmys pre-nomination lists

Our forum posters follow the Daytime Emmys with keen interest. This year’s revamped nominations process has been the subject of much discussion.

The list of semi-finalists for acting nominations generated much discussion. Below is just a sampling of what they had to say.

What do you think of who made the cut and who got snubbed? Join in the debate here

jw79bull: No Florencia Lozano or Ilene Kristen?!?! this is some bull-shit!! its a popularity contest people..cause i love Kassie and Gina but they did not deserve to get in over Florencia and Ilene…OLTL

DS0816: I have found in recent years, when reviewing a pre-noms list, there can be an acting category here or there for which I don’t care to see beyond three of the entries make the final cut for official nominations.

OLTLFan: Thrilled to see that Jerry verDorn, Bob Woods, Erika Slezak and Kassie DePaiva are all getting one last chance at that Emmy. Sorry (but unfortunately not surprised) to see Lozano left off once again. Shocked that Williamson couldn’t even manage a pre-nom coming off three consecutive nominations. Surprised to see Wesley Shipp over Howarth and Tognoni over Kirsten. Still wish Haskell and Strasser had submitted in that category. And unless she decides to submit 2 weeks of OLTL instead of 10 months of GH at the next Emmys, Kristen Alderson will never be nominated for OLTL. Sorry to see that Susan Lucci won’t have a chance at a farewell nomination.

PaulIV: Not surpise that Howarth did not get in. Watching the reel was fun but there was nothing that stand out from an acting standpoint. Stun that Gina is in above Ilene or  Bree. I guess voters like the Barn showdown as both got in. Be interesting to see of both make the top 5, I’m guessing Woods for now. Not stun to see poor Florencia snub as voting are likley lost if they did not watch the show. 

EmmyLoser: My comment should be taken lightly since I didn’t rewatch the reels I’d seen or watch the ones I hadn’t. But a few things surprise me:  I can’t remember John Wesley Shipp having a single episode of OLTL that I thought was anywhere near worthy of an Emmy nomination. I’m kind of baffled there. I’m sad James Scott didn’t make the lead actor list, and surprised, but not totally shocked. He could have submitted better, although seeing Diamont in there over him surprises me.  The presence of both Nadia Bjorlin and Gina Tognoni in supporting actress is somewhat disappointing. Both had costars who would have been much more deserving of those slots, but in Nadia’s case those actresses didn’t even submit, so good for her I guess. I didn’t see one minute of what Genie Francis did on Y&R, but just based on the response to it, I’m stunned to see her here.  

gdfl: I like a lot and hate a lot about this list. I am OK with the younger categories I guess, but Christel Khalil? Seriously? I am happy that all three GH men made it, and expect one of them to win.  I am surprised James Scott did not make it even with his less-than-perfect submission, especially when Don Diamont and Michael Muhney did make it.  Interesting that the two from OLTL both made the top 10 on the same submission.

eastwest: Holy crap, no Susan Lucci!? And another woah about James Scott not getting one. But I guess when you have Emmy winning legends Tony Geary and Darnell Williams HAMMING it up, I guess the voters had their quota.

youngsoapfan: i think chandler massey and one maybe 2 days actresses will get nommed in younger actress, but no other acting nods, and given only 3 nods in the younger categories last year, i think it’ll be the same this year.

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