We judge Daytime Emmy races: Talk Show Host

Our forum posters are dedicated to the Daytime Emmy Awards. To predict the winners, they do just like the judges and watch all the episode submissions. Then they rank them. 

In the Best Talk Show Host race, they agree on one likely winner — Mehmet Oz (“The Dr. Oz Show“) — while our Experts opt for Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa (“Live with Regis and Kelly“). 

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Below is a sampling of their insightful commentary. Read their thorough analyses here


Dr. Mehmet Oz, “The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Oz rises to the occasion and goes out to health clinics and holds uninsured patients’ hands when dealing with some of the diseases that are affecting them. He is especially sensitive to a woman who does not have health insurance and who has a tumor growing out of the side of one of her breasts. He is also very informative and discusses in great detail some of the medical ailments that affect individuals with regards to pacemakers and heart attacks. I’d say he is the frontrunner.

Rachael Ray, “Rachael Ray
Ray submitted an episode showcasing her travels to Mexico and her daring rock climbing, and then spends time making tequilas with her husband. Her interaction with him is fun, but she and next guest Eva Longoria also have a nice rapport and they discuss everything from tequilas to “Desperate Housewives” to the serious subject of child labor (which is the focus on a DVD Longoria helped produce). She then lets viewers on a trip she and her husband took in Mexico where they are joined by another companion, Bert, climbing rocks and sky diving.    Ray then spends the rest of the episode serving up a pulled pork Mexican dish.  Ray is entertaining and knowledgeable throughout and is a threat to win.

Regis and Kelly, “Live With Regis and Kelly”
The hosts submitted Regis’ last day on the air, and there are many emotional tributes, including looking at some of the past guests mocking Regis. There is also a segment where the cast of “Rent” sings to him, tales from his wife of their honeymoon, and Kelly’s emotional letter to him. It’s a fun, emotional-filled episode, but I’m not sure that this is a “hosting” submission, rather than a show submission.


Travis Stork, Lisa Masterson, Drew Ordon, James Sears, “The Doctors
Here comes the JV team. Compared to the serious hour offered by Dr. Oz, this hour fluff piece just looked a little sad. Medical truth or dare, where medical facts are contrasted with medical dares, just doesn’t cut it.  

Anderson Cooper, “Anderson
An episode devoted to Cooper’s mom, icon Gloria Vanderbilt. We get some touching moments as the episode digs deep into the personal life of Vandebilt. Discussion of her childhood, death of her husband, Anderson’s father, and the suicide of her son, Anderson’s brother leads to some very tender moments. Thankfully, Kathy Griffin shows up to and some energy and spark to the hour.  Coooper is not really hosting here and to be honest he is outshined by his mother.


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