Daytime Emmys experts’ smackdown: Best Actor

Two of our top Experts at predicting the Daytime Emmys — Nelson Branco (Soap Opera Uncensored) and Dan J. Kroll (Soap Central) — have been battling about the winners of the Daytime Emmy Awards. They have already squared off over Best Drama Series

Now they turn their attention to Best Drama Actor. In this category they concur about the winner: Anthony Geary (“General Hospital“) for a record seventh time. (See all their Daytime Emmys predictions by clicking on their names: NelsonDan.)

Dan J. Kroll: Anthony Geary, “General Hospital
Six Daytime Emmy wins. Obviously, Anthony Geary is doing something right. All someone has to do is to watch the episode that Geary submitted for consideration this year to see why.

I have to say that I was really surprised that Geary did not submit Luke’s intervention. That episode was tailor-made for an Emmy. (“General Hospital” did, however, submit that episode as one of its two Outstanding Drama Series entries.)

Luckily, the episode that Geary did submit was also made for Emmy. The episode started off slowly, but by the end reached a stunning climax. It was uncomfortable to watch as Luke denied being an alcoholic, and even more so when he later announce that he was happy that he’d killed little Jake.

Killing a child, he said, made him irredeemable. There was even a strong showing by a dayplayer, Lupe, a woman Luke had enlisted to spend “quality time” with him.

Nelson Branco: Anthony Geary, “General Hospital”
There’s no contest: Anthony Geary is a lock to win his seventh Emmy, which will make him the most honoured actor in daytime TV history.

Geary submitted the same storyline “GH” submitted for Drama, Writing and Directing (but a different episode where Luke contemplated suicide after an in-denial Luke Spencer ignored a staged intervention with friends and family over his decade-long alcoholism that consequently killed his grandson in a hit-and-run accident.).

It’s arguably Geary’s best work to date — and that’s saying a lot.

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