We judge Daytime Emmy races: Best Supporting Actor

Our forum posters are dedicated to the Daytime Emmy Awards. To predict the winners, they do just like the judges and watch all the episode submissions. Then they rank them. 

In the Best Supporting Actor race, they agree on the likely winner, as do our Experts — Jonathan Jackson will repeat for his work on “General Hospital.” His closest competition is the one nominee not from “GH” — Matthew Ashford (“Days of Our Lives“). 

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Below is a sampling of their insightful commentary. Read their thorough analyses here


Used to think this category was just the worst, because it would be the usual suspects and they had lacking submissions. But the last three years have given us strong nominations and winners.

I know there were a lot of gripes about “GH” dominating here, but it is deserved. Bradford Anderson‘s character is one that could be either grating or enduring and that was on full display in his reel. I thought it was great, but know it could be seen as hokey and trying. Jason Thompson will win this category next year, but his episode was nice in its strip-down approach. Easy acting and off the charts chemistry with Kim McCullough.

The next two people submitted episodes dealing w/the after effects of PTSD. It could go either way. Matthew Ashford is the vet getting his first nomination and his approach to the material is very actorly. With Sean Blakemore it is simple and and easy approach that is effective. Last year was Jonathan Jackson’s year (even more so than 2010). He was front and center and had so many different stories that he could’ve went lead and challenged Tony Geary for the win. I didn’t think the episode he submitted was the right one, when he had so many other episodes that were better. But that doesn’t matter b/c noting is stopping him.


Jonathan Jackson — Lucky confronts Luke about his drinking on the night of the hit and run. Later, he visits Sam and then goes to the police station. The stakes are high in this one. Lucky’s frustration grows as Luke refuses to acknowledge the link between his drinking and the accident. Jackson is all raw emotional intensity. He tries to keep cool at times, but he is nearly shaking at times and emotionally explosive at just the right moments. Few actors can convey emotional intensity better than Jackson, and his partnership with Tony Geary makes this a reel to remember. There is almost no way this can lose.


Matthew Ashford — “I’m really not in the mood to have my headshrunk tonight.” 
This reel’s a slow starter. Jennifer’s on a date with Daniel and Jack’s avoiding Marlena for some reason. It turns out Jack doesn’t want  therapy for PTSD. This reel’s an actors dream. A therapy session covering everything from a serial-killer father, a man who’s great love is moving on with someone else to PTSD from serving in the Afghanistan War and Ashford’s definitely up to the task.

This is meaty, juicy material and he doesn’t overplay any of it. Ashford’s a fine actor and nicely underplays what could have easily been very over the top. The reel is clearly building up to a big money moment. Jack slowly lets down his guard and reveals a world of pain. Jack describing his fellow soldier’s torture and gruesome murder is mesmerizing. Ashford’s clearly the star of the reel here, Hall stands back and lets him have his big moment and it’s glorious. (9/10 Excellent) 


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