We judge Daytime Emmy races: Younger Actress

Our forum posters are dedicated to the Daytime Emmy Awards. To predict the winners, they do just like the judges and watch all the episode submissions. Then they rank them. 

In the Best Younger Actress race, they agree on the likely winner, as do our Experts with Christel Khalil (“Young and the Restless“) expected to take hom her first Emmy after three losses. However, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (“The Bold and the Beautiful“) could pull off a surprise. Less chance for an upset is given to “Days of Our Lives” co-stars Molly Burnett and Shelley Hennig.  

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Below is a sampling of their insightful commentary. Read their thorough analyses here

The BC 2.0

Christel Khalil — Lily wants to move out of her place because she sees too many memories of Cane. Lily flashes back as she goes through her living room to her wedding night and then she sees Cane. Lily tells Cane that these “hauntings” have to stop, she tells Cane that she wants to be with him in reality, she wants to move on with her life and yells at Cane, insisting that she wants to let him go. Lily leaves her place and arrives at an institution, saying that she needs to be committed.

At six and a half minutes, this reel is short. I feel like Khalil had better episodes to submit from earlier in the year. There is much range in her scenes with Daniel Goddard. But, the scenes are too short, but most of the reel is what Emmy voters go for — emotion. This is a woman who thinks her husband is dead, and wants to move on with her life. It has the empathatic range.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood – Bill tells Steffy that he’s going back to Katie. Steffy tells Bill that they were brought together. I do love you, I hope you know that.”- Bill; “I know what we have is true.”- Steffy; “I love my wife.”- Bill (Steffy slaps him and tells him that he is abandoning her). Steffy tosses Bill aside. In comes Hope, and Steffy tells Hope to “get out”. Hope tells Steffy that she and Bill are “Over”, and that she should just Stay Away. Steffy tells Hope that (Brooke) has corrupted Forrester men for years.

In this reel, Wood shows anger and hurt as her lover tosses her aside to be with his ailing wife, and her stepsister tells her to stay away from the guy. This is the longest reel, clocking in at over 14 minutes with back-to-back episodes combined. There is empathy for this young woman scorned, and as Tom O’Neil once said, “Empathy = Emmy”. “B&B” has upset before in years past, could history repeat itself? Jennifer Finnigan anyone?

Molly Burnett — Daniel tells Melanie that he and Chloe are “finished”. Melanie lashes out at Kayla and blames Caroline Brady for her family’s problems. Melanie tells Chloe to leave, and says that Chloe betrayed them, and wants Chloe to pay. Chloe thinks Melanie could be pregnant.

At six and a half minutes, this reel is short and jumps around. If you don’t watch “DOOL” (like myself), it is hard to know the backstory.


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