We judge Daytime Emmy races: Talk Show (Informative)

Our forum posters are dedicated to the Daytime Emmy Awards. To predict the winners, they do just like the judges and watch all the episode submissions. Then they rank them. 

In the Best Talk Show (Informative) race, they agree with our Experts that “The Dr. Oz Show” will repeat in this race, edging out 2010 champ “The Doctors” and newcomer “Anderson.”  

What Will Win Best Talk Show (Informative)?

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Below is a sampling of their insightful commentary. Read their thorough analyses here


The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Oz focuses his submitted episode on various people who are uninsured in America. He showcases women who have had problems with cancer and a man with a defective pacemaker and how this relates to lack of care because of not having insurance. The show also focuses on ways in which individuals have bettered their lives because of shows that they have seen on this show. A very strong submission, and the likely winner.

The Doctors
This episode was a fun one showcasing various myths surrounding various subjects such as protein and the use of snails for a source of collagen. It presents challenges in which the doctors all face various fears surrounding the information. The doctors have a fun time eating spicy foods and protein-related insects, and being exposed to cold water. Entertaining at times, but I would not expect them to win.

Anderson Cooper submitted a show focusing on his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, and the show focuses on some of the struggles she had during her early life to raising her children. The episode is very poignant at times, especially when reflecting on her son Carter Cooper who committed suicide and is balanced with some comedic moments from guests Kathy Griffin and Judy Collins. The show also focuses on some of Cooper’s successes with journalism.


I agree with “Dr. Oz” as the likely winner. The episode was a real grabber and kept you involved. “The Doctors” seemd to be built around the afraid of snake moment by Stork. Sometimes “Anderson” struck me as category fraud. It seemed to be very entertainment oriented. It has an impressive studio-with the big window backdrop.


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