We judge Daytime Emmy races: Talk Show (Entertainment)

Our forum posters are dedicated to the Daytime Emmy Awards. To predict the winners, they do just like the judges and watch all the episode submissions. Then they rank them. 

In the Best Talk Show (Entertainment) race, they agree with our Experts that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will win for the third time in the five-year history of the category. This gabfest claimed Best Talk Show for four years running before that award was eliminated in 2008. 

What Will Win Best Talk Show (Entertainment)?

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Below is a sampling of their insightful commentary. Read their thorough analyses here


“The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Ellen talks about the new Lady Gaga song “Born this Way.” She just has the lyrics and attempts to sing it. Says she needs help and James Blunt sings it like “You’re Beautiful” then main guest Justin Bieber sings it and then all of them sing it like “You’re Beautiful” together. Continues with Bieber interview promoting movie “Never Say Never” and Bieber visiting a fan who is left speechless. There’s an obstacle course where Ellen and Justin play different games and a performance by Blunt. Usher surprises with the whole audience going to “Never Say Never” premiere.

Review: There are some funny moments and some voters may be touched. Bieber’s mother and grandparents were in the audience and the grandfather cried with Bieber meeting the fan and her reaction.

Live with Regis and Kelly
The last Regis episode. Begins with walk out with Kelly. Skit of actors impersonating Regis —  Dana Carvey, Ben Affleck, Amy Poehler. Regis gets key to city from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Wife Joy tells long-talked- about but never-told honeymoon story about Regis not having reservations. Regis says he had reservations but couldn’t get there in time to make them. Emotional Kelly reads a letter to Regis about her cohosting with him. “Rent” cast perform “Almost a Million Minutes” based on song “Seasons of Love.” Disney President Robert Iger tells Regis about the plaque on the studio saluting him. Ends with Regis statement about career about the show was what he was meant to do. 

Review: Regis is a TV legend and Kelly is very emotional and almost starts the episode crying. 


The Talk
The Halloween episode.
1st Segment: Pre-taped segment of Sara Gilbert as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” The ladies then walk out onto the set. Julie Chen is dressed as the Tin Man (how appropriate!), Aisha Tyler is the Scarecrow, Sharon Osbourne is Glenda the Good Witch, Sara is Dorothy, & Sheryl Underwood is dresed as the Cowardly Lion. The ladies then discuss Doug Hutchinson and his 17 year-old bride getting kicked out of a pumpkin patch for acting inappropriate. It’s really weird to see them try to discuss something seriously while wearing those ridiculous costumes. Next topics: cut-off age for kids trick-or-treating and a school banning Halloween.

2nd Segment: Surprise guest comes ziplining in as one of the flying monkeys; it’s Paula Deen. The ladies interview Paula.

3rd Segment: Paula does a cooking segment with Sharon & Julie, where Paula teaches them how to make monkey bread.

4th Segment: Cloris Leachman is the next surprise guest, coming out as the Wicked Witch. This was pretty great. The ladies kept trying to stay on track with the interview trying to ask “serious” pre-interview questions, but Cloris was staying in character and diverting away from the topics. Cloris is always entertaining.

5th Segment: Interview with animal expert Tom Stalf.

6th Segment: More with the animal expert.

7th Segment: The ladies say goodbye. “There’s no place like The Talk”, says Sara Gilbert.

Review: Halloween episodes are fun to watch … near Halloween time. Watching it away from that season and it’s not nearly as fun. As I mentioned in the recap, it was a little weird for them to discuss topics and try to be taken seriously dressed in their costumes. The Paula cooking segment was boring. But Cloris Leachman made the episode come alive. She increased the entertainment greatly. Then they did two very tedious segments with the animal expert, which is NEVER interesting television. It was an average episode.

The View
1st Segment: “Hot Topics” 
The ladies discuss the hoopla surrounding Justin Bieber’s visit, Elisabeth wishes her grandmother-in-law a happy 84th birthday, and discussion of the finale of “Dancing with the Stars.”

2nd Segment: Justin Bieber interview.

3rd Segment: Justin Bieber performs “Under the Mistletoe”. Mary J. Blige joins in the middle of the song.

4th Segment: Ricki Lake & Derek Hough perform a routine from “DWTS.” Elisabeth & Sherri interview them. Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke also perform a number.

5th Segment: J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff perform a number from “DWTS.” They are interviewed by all of the ladies where they ask him about winning the show.

6th Segment: They close the show. The ladies and all of the “DWTS stars and pros dance together to “Jump Jive Wail” as it fades to black.

Review: Another show submits a Justin Bieber episode. WTF? That’s really random. I don’t know why the producers of those two shows thought Justin would appeal to the Emmy voters. One of the things that this show does well is the “Hot Topics,” and they submit an episode where they only do one segment. The interviews are nice and breezy. It’s a typical episode of the show. They could’ve picked better.


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