News Nuggets: How to fix Emmy’s repetitive reality categories

How to fix Emmy’s reality races: “… if repetition breeds disinterest, the main Emmy reality categories — outstanding reality program, reality-competition program and host for a reality or reality-competition program — have become a veritable puppy mill of apathy. With some simple changes to voters’ approach, one of TV’s broadest and most diverse genres could and should generate the same excitement and unpredictability in the Emmy broadcast that it strives to achieve in its programming.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Emmy contenders are concerned about the crowded movie/miniseries races: “TV Academy member Leslie Greif, whose long producing career in television straddles the genres in question — from ’90s drama ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ to this year’s [‘Hatfields and McCoys‘] — was already disturbed when the org lumped minis and movies together, because they involve different tools and challenges. The latest twists add to his frustration. Greif says it’s not about one’s chances of winning, noting that the nominees, whoever they are, will always be top-notch. Rather, he argues, the integrity of the Emmys is being undermined, in that they’re not evaluating what they’re supposed to be.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE

General Hospital” star Anthony Geary talks about his surprise decision not to submit his dramatic intervention episode to Emmy judges: “It was a great episode, and Bill Ludel has already won the Directors Guild award for it. But I decided to go with a simpler show, the one that aired a bit after the intervention where Lucky tracked down Luke at the brothel. I suppose the intervention was a more spectacular thing, but I thought maybe there was too much trickery – what with all the technology and the flashbacks – for an actor’s submission.” SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER

Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro honored by Made in NY: “The Made in NY Awards, in its seventh year, honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the City’s entertainment and digital media industries. Mayor Bloomberg made the announcement at Gracie Mansion yesterday, along with the City’s media and entertainment commissioner Katherine Oliver. ‘This has been a remarkable and record-breaking year for New York City’s entertainment and digital media industries, which are vital parts of our economic diversification strategy,’ Bloomberg said. ‘More New Yorkers than ever before are taking advantage of the opportunities within these growing industries. Congratulations to all of the honorees, who are proof-positive that when you’re Made in NY, you can make it anywhere.'” FISHBOWL NY

Will “Prometheus” be the key to Oscar for Michael Fassbender? “Ridley Scott, similar to other directors, clearly favours Fassbender, with his character David receiving some of the best lines in the film. And he delivers them with aplomb, simultaneoulsy making you laugh while sending a shiver down your spine. Before ‘Prometheus,’ people were already talking about Fassbender (some for his acting, others for ‘physical’ reasons) but it’s hard to believe the unconverted won’t be in agreement that as David, Michael Fassbender has finally found the role that not only showcases his innumerable talents to a global audience but will give him a proper shot at winning the Best Actor Oscar he so richly deserves.” FOTORATER

Warner Bros. Television advises Emmy voters to “Keep Calm”: “The TV studio is the first to incorporate social ‘memes’ in the campaign for its series this year. If like me, you are not sure what meme is, it is a cultural item transmitted by repetition. WBTV has built its campaign around one of the most popular Internet memes, ‘Keep Calm,’ derived from a little-known British government’s World War II–era ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster, which was rediscovered in the 2000s. The slogan’s popularity has been growing, and it has became a staple of the cultural lexicon of 2012 via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.” DEADLINE

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