What was the best of the Best Drama Series Emmy champs?


We asked our forum posters: “What is the ‘best’ multiple winner of Best Drama Series at the Emmys? 

Below are just some of their thoughts on the subject. Join in with your opinion as to the drama series that outdid all the others. 

Matt Noble

G’Day, great topic – especially with “Mad Men” possibly claiming their fifth win this year. It will be no surprise that “West Wing” gets my vote: amazing cast, brillant writing and great technical aspects. Good stroytelling, issues and characters. But seriously of all the shows on the list I’ve seen the Emmys really have put together a respectable list of winners. “Mission: Impossible” has dated though, possibly the weakest of the bunch.


I voted for “Picket Fences.” I know this is an odd choice to some, but I feel like it was a very groundbreaking show and I respect that it tackeled social issues with a vengence. I also appreciate the quirkiness.

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I voted for “The Sopranos” because it’s my favorite show ever, and for reasons I believe most can guess (fantastic writing, amazing sense of tone and atmosphere of its world, and excellent actors/characters), since this show has been constantly discussed and analysed – and extremely deserving of that. But part of me wishes I could vote for “Mission: Impossible” too. It really was a great show, and a huge influence on several great thrillers and spy stories on TV (like “Alias”, for example).


I voted for “The Sopranos” but I could have easily gone with “Mad Men” or “Hill Street Blues.” I must admit, though, that I haven’t seen much (if any) of the other shows except “West Wing,” “The Practice” and “Mission: Impossible.”


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