See how you did predicting Emmy Awards

Over 1,200 Gold Derby readers predicted the winners in 30 races at the Emmy Awards. In total, our Users logged almost 19,000 predictions. To see how you fared, log in to your account and under your profile picture click on Emmy Awards 2012

One User, Andrew Eng, scored 64% while Vinicius Pereira got 60% and both Jonathan Leonard  and snuggle 4 (who was our top Oscar prognosticator) came in at 57%. And Alex, Andrew Rabin, efficiency and Fauzan all scored 54%. 

Our Experts predicted a range of races. Among them, Robert Bianco (USA Today) scored 64% on his 25 predictions.

Lynn Elber (AP) got half of her 28 predictions right as did Mo Ryan (HuffPost TV) with her 18 forecasts. 

Matt Roush (TV Guide magazine) was at 46% for his 22 predix while his colleague Debra Birnbaum came in at 43% for her 19 predix as did Maggie Furlong (Huffington Post). 

Daniel Manu (Television Without Pity) went 45% for his 18 picks and John Kubicek (Buddy TV) got  34% of those categories correct. Ken Tucker (EW) was also at 38% but he predicted 24 races while Jill Serjeant (Reuters) scored 39% for her 13 forecasts.  

Elena Howe (Los Angeles Times) nailed 36% of her 28 predictions and Maria Elena Fernandez (Newsweek/Daily Beast) was at 32% for her 19 choices. Rick Porter (Zap 2 It) predicted 21 races and scored 29%

Gold Derby’s own Tom O’Neil and Paul Sheehan both predicted all 30 races and scored 30% and 40% respectively. 

Among our Editors who predicted 30 categories, Chris Beachum scored 50%, Marcus Dixon got 44%, both Daniel Montgomery and Rob Licuria had 40% and both Matt Noble and David Schnelwar were at 37%. Andrew Pickett got 36% of his 28 picks right while Darrin Dortch got 33% of that same number correct. 


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