Who had a winning episode but was snubbed by the Emmys?


One of the heartbreaking aspects of watching the Emmys as closely as we do is those times when there’s a performer who we know could have won if only they had been nominated, because we know they had the episode to do it.

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking Sarah Michelle Gellar in “The Body” (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Susanna Thompson in “Gardenia” (“Once and Again”) and Elizabeth Mitchell in “One of Us” (“Lost”).

We asked our forum posters: “What are some great performances that could have won if only voters had gotten a chance to see them?”

Below are just some of their thoughts on the subject. Join in with your opinion as to the golden opportunities that were most missed.


Yunjin Kim: “Lost” — “House of the Rising Sun” and “…In Translation” (back in the day when supporting players submitted two eps).


Simon Baker: “The Mentalist” — “Strawberries and Cream Part 2”


Alison Pill: “In Treatment” — “April: Week Four”
Blair Underwood: “In Treatment” — “Alex: Week Six”

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Eva Longoria: “Desperate Housewives” — “Farewell Letter”

A Person

Walton Goggins: “The Shield” — “Family Meeting”


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