Emmys outrage: Sarah Michelle Gellar was robbed cry our forum posters

As senior Editor Daniel Montgomery wrote last week,

One of the heartbreaking aspects of watching the Emmys as closely as we do is those times when there’s a performer who we know could have won if only they had been nominated, because we know they had the episode to do it.

Daniel was inspired to create a photo gallery showcasing these episodes that would have been winners had the performers been nominated.

Our forum posters paid particular attention to one of those never-was Emmy nominees — Sarah Michell Gellar in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” They, like Daniel, lauded her performance in the season five episode “The Body.”

For Emil,

This is a brilliant episode! Not only for the show, but as general. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s acting is superb and the directing is amazing. I just don’t get how can this episode be left out of the race? And, it’s ridiculous that every season of the series have SOME kind of nomination with the exception of season five. And that is the best season of the show!

As MadisonMelo notes,

Season five of Buffy was eligible for 2001, that year were nominated Edie Falco and Lorraine Bracco for “The Sopranos,” Amy Brenneman for “Judging Amy,” Marg Helgenberger for “CSI” and Sela Ward for “Once and Again.” I think that SMG deserved not only a nomination, but the win too, or Bracco.

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As per thesmartone,

I think the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar never got a single acting nomination for this show is the second biggest snub in the history of the Emmy Awards, second only to Dixie Carter never getting nominated for “Designing Women.”

And says Sasha,

Sarah Michelle Gellar should have got at least three Emmys for playing Buffy. She was beyond brilliant.


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