Seth MacFarlane goosed Oscar often on ‘Family Guy’

Future Oscars host and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane is no stranger to the culture and history of the Academy and its yearly kudosfest. “Family Guy” has poked fun at the Oscars on several occasions.

In the season two episode “Peter Peter Caviar Eater,” Brian the dog is tasked with turning his buffoonish master Peter Griffin from a slob into a sophisticated gentleman. When someone questions if he will be able to complete the task by the next day, Brian scoffs and says that he’s pulled off miracles in the past. The show then cuts to a man announcing, “And the Oscar goes to, Marisa Tomei!” Tomei kisses Brian and as she walks up to accept her award, Brian gets a high five from Jack Nicholson.

In the season seven’s “Road to Germany,” the episode opens with an Oscar party being thrown at the Griffin household. As they’re watching the ceremony, the announcer introduces Scarlett Johannson “and for some reason, Steve Buscemi.” Apparently the writers at “Family Guy” did not know that Buscemi was favored to be nominated for an Oscar for “Ghost World,” which he costarred with Johannson. Peter then comments that every one of Buscemi’s teeth are in business for themselves. Buscemi’s teeth then begin to argue about which after party they are going attend. (See poor quality YouTube clip)

The most recent reference came in the season eight episode, “April in Quahog.” When Peter is overexcited about being selected for jury duty, Brian brings him down by saying that everyone gets selected for jury duty and the only reason he had not been previously selected is because he had only recently voted for the first time. Peter tells Brian he has voted before because he stuffed the ballot box at the Oscars. You can see the results of Peter’s Oscar votes in this clip.

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With these repeated instances of using the Oscars as a cutaway gag in his show, there’s little doubt that MacFarlane will be able to poke even more fun at the Academy this coming February. We might even see the show poke fun at his upcoming gig by having a cutaway gag with Peter or Stewie hosting the Oscars. Wow, that would be something, even crazier than that time when I …(insert random reference here).

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