Will ‘Game Change’ sequel be awards winner too?

Fresh off winning five Emmys and being nominated for five Golden Globes and three SAG Awards, “Game Change” is already creating awards speculation again, this time for it’s inevitable sequel.

Penguin Publishing has confirmed that “Double Down: Game Change 2012” will be released next fall. The journalistic duo behind the original book, Mark Halperin (Time) and John Heilemann (New York), are teaming up again to chronicle the 2012 presidential campaign between incumbent president Barack Obama and his challenger, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

HBO has already optioned the rights and will begin development following the book’s publication. This telefilm could be another awards powerhouse but there are many factors still up in the air. Will the Emmy-winning team of director Jay Roach and writer Danny Strong be back for this sequel?

In September, “Game Change” earned 12 Emmy nominations and won five trophies: TV Movie/Miniseries, Actress (Julianne Moore), directing, writing and casting. 

This past week it was back in the awards spotlight receiving five Golden Globe nominations: Best TV Movie/Miniseries, Actor (Woody Harrelson), Actress (Moore), Supporting Actor (Ed Harris) and Supporting Actress (Sarah Paulson). The film also received three SAG Award nominations this week for Moore, Harrelson and Harris.

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The original book “Game Change” followed both the Democratic battle between Sens. Hillary Clinton (NY) and Barack Obama (IL), the selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s running mate and the general election from the perspective of  both campaigns. The movie chose to focus exclusively on the McCain campaign and the effect Palin had on the campaign apparatus.

While the sequel has not been written yet, it’s safe to assume that not all the events will be portrayed in the movie. We will have to wait to see which perspective gets singled out for the film version and, in turn, who portrays the people involved in these storylines. Who might get cast as Romney and his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (WI)? Will someone get the chance to play Obama?

Stay tuned. 

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