Which ‘Harry Potter’ star was most deserving of an Oscar nomination?

Our forum posters are dismayed by the fact that while the “Harry Potter” franchise was the most popular in film history, it was shunned by the Academy Awards. It lost all 12 of its bids for below-the-line categories. And none of the best of British talent that featured in the films was ever nominated.

Below, just a sample of their thoughts on which of these performers was most deserving of being cited. Join in with your opinion as to who was the most egregiously overlooked.


Alan Rickman as Snape, for “Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” Without him, the film would lose much of its emotional power. Snape was easily the most complex character in the series, and the resolution of his eight-film arc was tricky. This required a skilled actor to portray him, and we got that in Rickman. Of all the actors, he comes closest to being the definitive version of his character as described in the books. There’s a reason nearly every Potter fan loves Rickman, and he should have gotten his due.


I liked Kenneth Branagh. When he and Rickman work together in that duel scene in CoS they are both really good. Imelda Staunton and Alan Rickman were also good. Maggie Smith was so close to McGonagall you might think that character was based on her roles as teachers and or authority figures. Robbie Coltrane was able to get a BAFTA nomination once for the first film. He was seen as really getting that character. Too bad the first two films ruined all the subsequent movies chances for awards with the trashing they got.

Miss Frost

I think “Harry Potter” has one of the best ensembles I have ever seen. Its complete and other bull crap that nobody has been recognized in this series. They should have at least generated a SAG nomination. But to answer yeah I definitely have to go with Alan Rickman. He by far is someone who gave one of the astonishing performances of all the series. And was definitely the emotional straint that put the last film together. I actually had more chills from his scenes alone in the flashback than in the book. Rickman is an extrordinary actor, I cannot fanthom how he has never gotten any Oscar dues. He was miles better than that mess of a lineup this year in supporting actor.


Imelda Staunton for Movie 5. Then I would have been with an Alan Rickman mention last year.


Well, they’re all great. Such full and rich characters. I’ll go with Sirius Black. Gary Oldman is incredibly good in several of the films.


Staunton (“Order of the Phoenix”), Rickman (“Deathly Hallows: Pt. 2”), Michael Gambon (“Half-Blood Prince”), and Emma Watson (“Deathly Hallows: Pt. 1”). I don’t think any were necessarily robbed, but those 4 are the most Oscar-worthy IMHO.


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