News Nuggets: ‘House’ cast and crew reminisce in advance of the series finale

House” cast and crew take a look back before tonight’s series finale: “Bolstered by ‘American Idol,’ ‘House’ quickly became a huge hit. At the end of the third season – which remains the show’s highest-rated – the producers blew up the formula and forced ‘House’ to rebuild his entire diagnostic team. It was the first of many bold (and controversial) storytelling choices. In Part 2 of our oral history, the show’s creators and cast look back at the show’s most memorable plots.” SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER

Unstoppable Adele wins 12 Billboard Music Awards: “The 2012 Billboard Music Awards were doled out last night during a live telecast from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas that was broadcast on ABC and hosted by the network’s ‘Modern Family‘ stars Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen. Of course, much like the Grammys, just a fraction of the 46 awards were given out during the show, which — also like the Grammys — played more like a concert. Although she wasn’t in attendance at the show, Adele dominated with 12 awards, followed by LMFAO with six awards and Lil Wayne and Coldplay with four each.” EW.COM

Were NBC and Sony Pictures Television unwise to fire Dan Harmon from “Community“? “If NBC wanted to send a message to the creative community that writing and running your own show is a job without security, then by all means, congratulations on the impressive chilling effect. No doubt people will look at, say, ‘Smash‘ and think, ‘Well, they renewed it but changed things at the top. A mixed message there but no worries.’ But now that NBC has ousted Dan Harmon from the recently renewed ‘Community,’ what’s the thinking outside of Burbank? How about this: ‘Holy hell, they took Harmon’s show away from him without telling him. Let’s take that meeting with ABC.'” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Cannes selection “The Sapphires” gets a vote of confidence from Harvey Weinstein: “Just as Dreamgirls delivered an Oscar for another Idol alum in Jennifer Hudson, US trade publications are reporting that ‘The Sapphires’ – which earned a standing ovation following its debut at the prestigious French film festival on Sunday night – could snare an unlikely berth when the international awards season begins in December this year. One report in a Los Angeles newspaper claimed Harvey Weinstein, whose company The Weinstein Company picked up the distribution rights to the film, was overheard at Cannes saying; ‘Have you seen “The Sapphires”? “The Artist” just happened again.'” DAILY TELEGRAPH

Andrew Garfield talks about his Tony nomination: “I was brought up with sports, and that’s a very specific way of seeing the world, and part of me didn’t want to see the world like that. I wanted to be more tribal-minded, as opposed to pitting myself against someone, trying to win. I mean, there is such a thing as healthy competition, but I just really wanted to be a part of a community, part of a troupe. And awards undermine that a bit, because they’re subjective. Who’s to say who’s better? We all see different things in a performance, because we’re projecting ourselves. But it is an honor to be acknowledged, and ultimately, it should be treated as a celebration. And I am lucky, lucky, lucky to be doing [‘Death of a Salesman‘].” VULTURE

Liza Minnelli will be honored at the Fred & Adele Astaire Awards: “After four Tony Awards, an Oscar, a special ‘Legends’ Grammy, two Golden Globes and an Emmy, it’s safe to say Liza Minnelli is a top-tier superstar.  On June 4th, the 30th Annual Fred & Adele Astaire Awards will honor Minnelli with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award show, which will be at Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University, will also pay tribute to choreographer and director, Bob Fosse and Broadway dancer, Gwen Verdon.  Fosse directed Minnelli in ‘Cabaret’ where she won the Oscar for ‘Best Leading Actress.'” HAUTE LIVING

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