Jack Huston says ‘no one’s safe’ on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ [Video]

In the first season of “Boardwalk Empire,Jack Huston gave a memorable guest performance as Richard Harrow, a troubled, lonely war veteran who has to wear a mask to cover his disfigured face. Talking to Gold Derby, Huston revealed, “there’s never really been a character like him on television … I found real heart within him … initially its crazy when you first saw that mask, and that face. It was disconcerting to say the least. So it was a hell of a character for them to decide on.”


Huston was promoted to the regular cast for the second season and admits getting that news, “was one of the nicest phone calls I ever got. I was so happy … the chance to get to play more of him and discover more of Richard Harrow is a dream … from three episodes, now we’re in season three. It’s great.” And being part of the regular cast, “you feel like part of a family … it sort of feels like you’ve just been accepted as a new adopted son or brother or something and it’s a really great feeling there.”

However, being on “Boardwalk Empire” can be stressful. As he explains, “we get so nervous … that’s one of the genius points of the show … No one’s safe, anyone can die… we get the scripts and you’re sort of waiting to turn the page and you’re like ‘Oh my God. I made it. Jesus.’ It’s pretty difficult for all of us.” But, as he readily allows “that’s part of the fun of it.”

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He will be submitting in the competitive category of Best Drama Supporting Actor. Reflecting on what a nomination would mean, he says, “it would be lovely. Obviously, I think anybody would be over the moon to get a nomination. I’m really happy about the work we did no matter what and whatever happens, happens. So I’m excited.” If nominated, he plans to submit the fifth episode of the season, ‘Gimcrack & Bunkun.’ In this episode his character contemplates suicide and brutally scalps Jackson Pankhurst.

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