Gold Derby users favor Jim Parsons to win third Comedy Actor Emmy for ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Our Users give the edge to Jim Parsons to win his third consecutive Comedy Actor Emmy for his work on “The Big Bang Theory.” To date, 267 of them are predicting him to prevail, which gives him odds of 8 to 5. 


That gives Parsons the edge over Louis C.K. who has 189 Users backing his bid for his FX laffer “Louie.” That translates into odds of 23 to 10. (See a full breakdown of the odds including those of our Experts and Editors — who favor Louis C.K. over Parsons —  here.)

Among our forum posters, who have watched all six episode submissions, there is a smattering of support for four-time also-ran Larry David (“Curb Your Enthusiasm“) who has odds of 11 to 2. 

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See a sampling of their analyses below and join the debate in our message boards here.

Irishmovielover4ever: Current holder of the award for the last two years winner Parsons, he was smart to submit the episode he submitted this year because if any one knows Sheldon got very mean this year and in the episode he is funny but so different then the evil villian Sheldon has become. In the episode we see Sheldon when he does not get a haircut he goes more crazy like getting bangs which is the funniest thing he does when talking with the banos, also he gets some relly funny one linners like “I feel like a teen heartthrob”. 

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Duke SilverLouie C.K. is an easy choice here. He has seven total nominations this year alone, including in both writing and directing. That is an impressive slate, and the Emmy’s could give him a win here to make up for the snub of “Louie” in the Series category. However, Jim Parsons can never really be ruled out. He beat last year’s far and away frontrunner, Steve Carell. Add the fact that Johnny Galecki isn’t there to take votes, and he could win. As always, Larry David is a potential upset. 

BenitoDelicias: Larry David is the winning tape for me. For years it’s been clear that David is a terrific actor, at least in the context of his show. You never see flaws in his performance like those you normally saw in Ray Romano or Jerry Seinfeld and you don’t see him not being un-challenged like Louis C.K. Larry David gets to do a lot here and once again he has a winning submission that I hope can really do the trick in a year when nobody else really has THE tape. Every other actor in this is better than David and should be able to out-perform him and yet they can’t, because he’s that good. The last time this happened with David, Tony Shalhoub robbed him in the same way Parsons could do this year, but they keep accepting Curb whenever it comes back, they keep rewarding this show with key nominations but never actually let it win a big one. I really believe this is his year with Parsons and possibly C.K as huge spoilers.

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