Our forum posters debate the impact of Joaquin Phoenix’s controversial Oscar comments

Did Joaquin Phoenix just talk himself out of an Oscar? The actor is a two-time nominee – once for supporting (“Gladiator”) and once for lead (“Walk the Line”) – and he’s widely expected to pick up a third bid for his starring role in Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master,” but speaking with Elvis Mitchell for Interview magazine recently, he claimed the entire process is “bulls—t.” (Read our full report here.)

Given his comments, Phoenix may not care whether he has helped or hurt his awards prospects, but the Oscar-watchers in our forums are sounding off on his chances. Read some of their comments and join the discussion in our message board:

Laactingnyc: The Oscar voters shouldn’t care about this comment. The Oscar should go to the best performance! Not the one with the best attitude!

eastwest: There’s a divisive reaction to the movie and coupled with his comments, there’s no way he’s winning now.

babypook: Gotta love Joaquin. Not like he’s the only one who feels this way. Glad he spoke his mind. If this ‘hurts’ his chances, then he’s even more right.

allabout oscars: He’s already pissed everyone off with his past antics…he might just NOT even get a nomination now.

dannyboy: Won’t change a thing. He is only saying what everyone else is thinking. It could even help him win by taking that risk.

Atypical: Bold words from Mr. Phoenix! I don’t begrudge him his opinions about the Academy, but let’s see if he follows through by either rejecting the nominations that’s sure to come his way, not attending the Oscars, or if he by some chance stumbles on a win, pull a Brando/Scott and not accept the Oscar.

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Spenser Davis: I rank this up there with Mo’Nique’s avid refusal to campaign despite encouragement from fellow actors (and past nominees) like Terrence Howard. If Phoenix loses the Oscar this year, I think it will be because the voters preferred a different performance and not because of the remarks he has made.

DamianWayne: He ain’t wrong though.

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