Our forum posters react to Jon Cryer’s leap to lead at Emmys

On Saturday, Gold Derby broke the news that Jon Cryer was going to try again to get nominated for Best Comedy Actor for his work on “Two and a Half Men.” As Chris Beachum reported, Cryer submitted himself as a lead for the two first seasons of the laffer as did Charlie Sheen. Neither was nominated, Cryer downgraded to supporting and reaped bids for six successive years, winning in 2009.

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Now with Sheen, who was nodded four times but never won, out of the picture, Cryer is hoping to crack the lead category. Our forum posters are divided as to whether he will succeed. Join in the debate here

Spenser Davis: This decision actually makes a lot of sense the more I think about it. With Sheen out, his character is certainly the center of the show now. And the voters would probably nominate him for a toothpaste commercial at this point. Plus, that category really isn’t that competitive – Carell’s out, Baldwin’s almost gone, Parsons and Galecki … yeah, everything else is free reign. I still think Louis C.K. will win this year, but good move by Cryer.

FNLFan89: Well, I guess that does makes sense, with less competition and a recent SAG nom. It’ll be interesting to see which 2 actors not from Modern Family fill up the supporting actor category.

btimp: I think everybody saw this coming. It is a very smart move on Cryer`s part, and I do believe he will end up being nominated. 

Sasha: Finally! He should have been submitted in this category since the first season. He was always a co-lead. Hope Hot in Cleveland three ladies will do the same and submit lead. Stop category fraud for god’s sake.

Fishbiscuit: Cryer’s always been the co-lead so it about time he stepped up.  



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