One-time Oscar rivals Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman fight rematch at Emmys

Back in 2002, Julianne Moore lost her Best Actress Oscar bid for “Far From Heaven” to Nicole Kidman, her co-star in “The Hours.” At next Sunday’s Emmys, the two face off for Best Movie/Mini Actress and this time around Moore is expected to take home the gold. 

In the HBO telefilm “Game Change,” Moore portrays 2008 VP nominee Sarah Palin. Over the past quarter century, 14 women have won this category for recreating real-life people. And, of course, playing Palin won Tina Fey the Guest Comedy Actress Emmy three years ago. 

All of our Experts and Editors are predicting Moore to prevail as are almost 90% of our Users. Kidman, who plays real-life writer Martha Gellhorn in another HBO flick, “Hemingway and Gellhorn” has the backing of 5% of Users. 

The other nominees — Connie Britton (“American Horror Story“), Ashley Judd (“Missing“)  and Emma Thompson (“The Song of Lunch“) — are backed by just three percent, one percent and one percent respectively of our Users. 

Let’s take a look at the nominated performances.

Connie Britton, “American Horror Story
Britton earns her third nomination after two consecutive nods for “Friday Night Lights.” She plays Vivien Harmon who is terrified by aspects of her new home in Los Angeles.

Pro: Vivien is the heart of the story in this tale and every moment of suffering and terror that she shows is completely enthralling.

Con: Horror is not something that Emmy voters would seem likely to respond.

Ashley Judd, “Missing
This is Judd’s second nominatio in this category after “Norma Jean and Marilyn” in 1996. She plays a former CIA agent who travels to Rome to track down her missing son.

Pro: Judd is an established actress whose performance was very well received in this series…

Con: …which was cancelled due to low ratings and mixed critical reaction. That definitely does not bode well for her, but let’s not forget it didn’t hurt Andre Braugher in 2006 when he won for “Thief.”

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Nicole Kidman, “Hemingway & Gellhorn”
Kidman earns her first Emmy nod for playing journalist Martha Gellhorn during her tumultuous love affair with Ernest Hemingway.

Pro: Kidman is an Oscar winner who delivers a solid performance as Gellhorn at various stages of her life, including as an old woman.

Con: The movie is quite long and received mixed just so-so reviews. 

Julianne Moore, “Game Change
Moore earns her first Primetime Emmy nod after winning a Daytime Emmy in 1988 for “As the World Turns.” 

Pro: Moore channeled Palin perfectly without making her portrayal feel like a caricature of Palin. She also had the added burden of having this role be really hyped and she certainly delivered.

Con: If a front-runner feels too solidified in that status, it always opens up the chance that enough voters could opt for someone else because they’re sure the front-runner will win.

Emma Thompson, “The Song of Lunch (Masterpiece)”
Thompson earns her fifth career nomination, winning in 1998 for playing herself in a guest role on “Ellen.” She plays an unnamed woman who goes to lunch with her former lover (Alan Rickman).

Pro: She’s a two-time Oscar winner who makes the most out of very little with her two powerfully delivered monologues to Rickman.

Con: She has very little spoken dialogue since most of the 50-minute presentation is Rickman’s narration describing what is going on.

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