News Nuggets: Grammy criticism from Justin Vernon, Bieber manager

Manager Scooter Braun blasts Grammys over snub of Justin Bieber: “Writing to his 2 million-plus followers, the 31-year-old Braun defended his No. 1 client Justin Bieber, who received no Grammy nominations. ‘I just plain DISAGREE,’ he tweeted. ‘The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one.’ Bieber’s third album, ‘Believe,’ was released in June and has spawned a pair of top 10 singles — ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘As Long as You Love Me,’ the latter performed on ‘The X Factor‘ earlier in the evening — and another, ‘Beauty and the Beat,’ featuring Nicki Minaj, still building.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Grammy winning Bon Iver singer Justin Vernon once again criticizes the Grammys: “Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon tweeted that he ‘hates the Grammys’ on Thursday, responding to tweets sent by Grizzly Bear vocalist Ed Droste, who was distraught over not being nominated for any awards. Grizzly Bear’s latest album, ‘Shields,’ was extremely well-received. The disc currently has a Metacritic score of 86, and with reviews from Pitchfork, The A.V. Club and more rating it above a 90.” HUFFINGTON POST

Miguel rebounds after last year’s Grammy disappointment: “When Miguel didn’t receive any nominations for the Grammy Awards presented earlier this year, it surprised many people because he had last year’s most popular R&B song with ‘Sure Thing.’ But the apparent Grammy snub didn’t derail the 25-year-old singer from Los Angeles. He returned with more impressive work in 2012 and is now up for five awards, including song of the year for his crossover hit, ‘Adorn.’ ‘I think through that experience I learned, or I was reminded, that all of this is icing on the cake. The real blessing is that people are actually listening to the music,’ he said in an interview. ‘I take it in stride and I feel really blessed and I’m incredibly humbled by it.'” ASSOCIATED PRESS

Scott Feinberg suggests ways to improve Oscar voting: “… somewhere along the line, the Academy decided it was a good idea to empower all of its members to vote for the winners in all Oscar categories (except for documentary and short films). But what qualifies, say, a makeup artist to weigh in on the winner of the best original screenplay Oscar, or a cinematographer to influence the outcome of best original score? When it comes to the crafts awards, voters often simply check off their favorite movies, turning them into popularity contests. The current system has had far-reaching implications. A great cinematographer such as Roger Deakins (nine nominations) or a great composer like Thomas Newman (10 nominations) or a great sound mixer such as Greg P. Russell (15 nominations) — all of whom worked on this year’s ‘Skyfall‘ — have been nominated year after year by their peers but still have no Oscars to their name because the majority of people who judge their categories have, frankly, no idea how to judge their respective crafts.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Amy Poehler talks about her upcoming Golden Globes hosting gig: “Amy Poehler is so awesome that I almost feel bad for her. Never has she appeared on a talk show, been mentioned in an anecdote or performed on stage, in a tv show or in a movie without coming off as anything less than kind, funny and smart. You’d imagine that the expectation to consistently be such a great human being would put a lot of pressure on a person and yet Poehler has yet to slip up. Her recent appearance on ‘Conan; — where she discussed hosting the Golden Globes, swearing in front of newborns and her ‘wife’ Rashida Jones — was no exception. What a gem our Leslie Knope is.” JEZEBEL

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