Can Kathy Griffin break into Emmy race for Best Variety Series?

Kathy Griffin won back-to-back Best Reality Series Emmys for “My Life on the D List” in 2007 and 2008. All six seasons of this Bravo hit were nominated.


Since ending the show in 2010, Griffin has been popping up all over the place, including headling several comedy specials per year on the cablecaster.

She recently returned with her first regular series gig, a once-a-week talker called “Kathy” that airs Thursday nights on Bravo. Our forum posters have been tuning in and below is just a selection of their comments. 

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Film Turtle

There’s potential there, but it didn’t quite come together. It was like an hourlong version of “Chelsea Lately,” in a sense. Could have used better developed jokes, maybe? I’ll stick around and keep watching as they tighten the format.


I LOVE Kathy, I really do, but the producing and pacing on this talk show is a bit off. I’m still supporting her though.


There are several key problems with this: I agree with the running time. It just doesn’t work with the civillians because it’s way too much time, although I have to say the have yet to disappoint, specially those really into pop culture, she needs to get rid of the random “I don’t know who Kim Kardashian is” type of “civillian”. She needs something better than those taped things she puts out each week; she doesn’t need to end the show with her mom; Tiffany is not cut out to be thrown a mic or the camera every once in a while she just doesn’t respond in a way a sidekick should if that’s what Kathy is going for with her; and the guy with the band pops up so infrequently (is that a word?) that it’s weird when he comes up, it’s like you switched channels without noticing.

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It’s kind of weird that the finale is happening already. I thought it would be on longer. Bravo seems to be kind of ignoring the show. I wonder if they made some kind of deal with Kathy to keep her comedy specials like she wanted another show, but they knew they wouldn’t put in much effort. It doesn’t seem to be sticking like her reality one.


Yeah, this show needs some serious help. For one, Kathy seems to be a bit censored on this show. It’s obvious to me that Bravo is worried about what she’ll say and is editing her a lot. It would work better if it was Live or if she was able to say what she really wants. The civilians as guests just is not working to me AT ALL. The energy is much better when she has semi-famous people on the panel. Lance Bass brought some energy to the show. Her celeb interviews are a bit hit and miss so far. Whitney Cummings was good, but Chelsea Handler clearly wasn’t that great. I think the taped segements with her office staff are so far the best parts of the show and the stuff with her mother. This show has potential but needs to be re-worked a lot.


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