Watch: Kelly Reilly on taking ‘Flight’ with Denzel Washington

Kelly Reilly‘s career is on the ascent thanks to being cast by Robert Zemeckis in his latest hit film “Flight.” She plays the role of Nicole, a heroin-addicted young woman in Atlanta, who meets and starts a relationship with alcoholic airline pilot Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington).

In a video chat with Gold Derby, she revealed, “I found her to be a very beautiful and ultimately hopeful role because she actually manages to survive and get healthy. It’s only really the beginning where we see her lost, and then she gets onto the road of recovery.”

In one key scene in the first half of the film, she meets Whip and another young man (James Badge Dale) at the hospital when they are all sneaking cigarettes. All three are recent survivors: her from an overdose, the pilot from a crash, and the other man in the last stages of a cancer fight. She calls it her favorite moment from the movie.

“It’s incredible that it’s three people on a stairwell just talking,” she said. “There aren’t any special effects. There aren’t any impressive camera moves. It’s just incredible writing and three characters talking to one another, and more important listening to one another. These characters are in a different world, it’s almost so heightened, and it’s my character’s wake-up call.”

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For this role, Reilly has already won the Spotlight Award at the recent Hollywood Film Awards. She is gaining more attention as a possible Best Supporting Actress contender at the upcoming Academy Awards, currently in the ninth position in exclusive Gold Derby rankings.

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