Kiernan Shipka on spending ‘half my life’ as Sally Draper on ‘Mad Men’ [Video]

At the age of only 12Kiernan Shipka has already won 2 Screen Actor Guild Awards as a regular on “Mad Men,” one of only four drama series in TV history to take the top prize four times at the Emmys. 


Asked in a video chat with Gold Derby about having so much success at such a young age, Shipka replied, “Besides being so incredible, it’s surreal. I mean I can’t believe it. It’s kind of amazing, it’s really awesome. I mean, I consider myself really lucky to be on a show like ‘Mad Men.'”

She plays Sally Draper, daughter of the show’s leading man Don Draper (Jon Hamm). As she noted: “It has been half my life playing Sally. I’ve gotten to watch her transformation. I’ve gone through all the ups and downs with her and it’s been quite a ride … Over the years I’ve gotten to know Sally a lot better … obviously there’s some challenging scenes but those are the ones that are most rewarding to me.”

The actress revealed that she particularly loves “whenever Sally gets to go to the office. I’m always really excited because I never really get to work with those amazing actors. Even when I got to work with Elisabeth Moss, It was just one or two lines but that was really fun as well.”

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For Shipka, the most recent season “was all about Sally growing up and kind of I feel Sally was a little bit smarter this season. She played people a little bit and she kind of found her way …. this season she was definitely smarter and growing up and coping as well with everything around her.”


It was also the first season of “Mad Men” that wasn’t shot in the summer. That meant for the first time Shipka had to juggle her prominent role on the show with school-work. “Obviously I love ‘Mad Men’ and want to act as much as possible on the show, but we definitely worked with school and it was good.”


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