News Nuggets: 47 films in the running for European Film Award nominations

Thelma Adams identifies three sure-fire Oscar contenders that emerged from the Toronto Film Festival: “The three major fall film festivals — Telluride, Venice, and Toronto — tumble the early Oscar contenders, separating the gold from the pyrite. Three films that premiered over the last month have emerged as undisputed best-picture contenders: ‘Argo,’ ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ and ‘The Master.'” YAHOO! MOVIES

Identifying the seven kinds of people you meet at Emmy parties: “What makes Sunday’s Emmy telecast exciting, as with any awards show, is the race. Sizing up nominees, weighing odds and, well, the blood sport is tradition. So is vetting the best celebrations before, during and after the gold trophies go out. In the last few seasons, the Emmys have developed a party circuit so consistent — half micro-economy surrounding the show, half social hierarchy in action — that they’ve inspired some hilarious archetypes. Won’t you meet them? In our rundown of the most anticipated Emmy parties, we’ve named the most common personalities found at each. But, really, it’s just an honor to be invited.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

Presenters revealed for the upcoming Latin Grammy nominations: “The list of guest presenters at Tuesday’s Latin Grammy Awards nominations has been announced, including Juanes, Maria Barracuda, Shaila Dúrcal and Kany García. If Pop & Hiss were a betting blog, I’d gamble my mortgage that some of those presenters also will be among the winners when the Latin Grammys are handed out in Las Vegas in November. In 2011, the presenters provided a pretty good tip-off as to who was going to carry home a statuette. Residente and Visitante of Calle 13 headlined last year’s group, earning a record 12 nominations themselves, and a few weeks later the Puerto Rican duo ended up carting off practically everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor, including ‘Album of the Year’ — and deservedly so.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

47 films vie for European Film Award nominations: “Unless I’m very much mistaken, this might qualify as the first official longlist of the awards season. (Don’t get too excited — you might not have any energy left by January.) The nominations for the European Film Awards — effectively the Oscars of European cinema — won’t be announced until November 3, but we now know exactly what pool of eligible films they’ll be drawn from … The final longlist totals 47 films from 31 different countries. Using this list, the EFA’s 2700 members will now vote for the nominees in nine categories. Two other categories, for Best Documentary and Best Animated Film, are determined by smaller panels.” IN CONTENTION

Christine Baranski honored to be nominated for an Emmy against Maggie Smith: “What completely blew my mind this year was that I, an actress out of Buffalo, would be in the same category as Maggie Smith, who to me is just incomparable. I remember seeing Maggie Smith in a movie theater playing Desdemona, and she’s been my idol all these years. To be in a category with her is astounding.” NEW YORK TIMES

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