Scott Feinberg declines my pie bet on ‘Life of Pi’

Aw, shucks. I thought for sure that I’d win this wager easily and get a free Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie from the famous Little Pie Company in Manhattan. But, alas, Scott Feinberg has declined my bet to stand by his belief that “Life of Pi” probably won’t be nominated for Best Picture. Here is my invitation. Below, Scott’s response:

Dear Tom,

It’s always nice to hear from you, my friend. As much as I’d love to have you take me out for pie, I must respectfully decline your bet, at least for now. This is not because I don’t stand strongly behind what I wrote, but rather because I have always maintained a very clear line between what I do (try to objectively/correctly prognosticate, rather than pontificate or attempt to influence) and what some of my colleagues do (the opposite, as is certainly their right). Moreover, I’d like to see the film again later in the season, because Ang Lee plans to spend the next three weeks in Los Angeles editing it — what we saw was not the final cut — which may address some of the issues that I noted in my writeup. Most of all, I want to be very clear about one thing: I liked the movie and am rooting for it to do well, as I do with every movie that I see. I just don’t want there to be any misunderstanding — which might result from a bet of the sort that you are proposing — that I would like to see it fail. But, since I do want you to take me out for pie, why not find something else to bet about for the time being? I’m feeling very bullish about President Obama and the New York Yankees at the moment, so if you’re not let me know and we may wind up making a bet today, after all.

All my best,



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