Emmy race for comedy writing: ‘Girls’ rule?

In recent years, “Modern Family” and “30 Rock” have dominated the Comedy Writing race, claiming two trophies apiece. But now that both series have been snubbed in this category for the first time, there will finally be a fresh winner.


Of the five nominated episodes, it’s intriguing to note that only one script comes from a show that’s also up for Best Comedy Series. That honor goes to “Girls,” nominated for its pilot episode written by series star Lena Dunham.

The other four nominees come from shows Emmy snubbed this year in the major comedy category. Cult comedy “Community” finally gets some Emmy love for the episode “Remedial Chaos Theory” written by Chris McKenna, while critical fave “Louie” gets a nod for the episode “Pregnant” written by Louis C.K. Two scripts from “Parks and Recreation” complete the list: “The Debate” written by funny lady Amy Poehler and “Win, Lose, or Draw” written by co-creator Michael Schur.

Dunham, C.K. and Poehler also contend in the Comedy Lead acting races for their series. If any of them are lucky enough to win for both acting and writing, they’ll be in the company of Tina Fey who won both trophies in 2008 for “30 Rock.”

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Below are brief descriptions of all five nominated episodes in the Best Comedy Writing race.

Community” – “Remedial Chaos Theory” (Chris McKenna)
Troy and Abed’s housewarming party turns into a surreal, post-modern world with parallel realities; each reality showing the effect on the study group of one character’s absence from it.

Girls” – “Pilot” (Lena Dunham)
Hannah’s parents cut her off and she loses her internship. Jessa returns to town and moves in with her cousin, Shoshanna. Hannah and Marnie throw Jessa a dinner party that ends with Hannah drinking opium tea and showing up at her parents’ hotel room high.

Louie” – “Pregnant” (Louis C.K.)
Louie’s pregnant sister visits, and she needs to be taken to the hospital during the night as she is in pain. Upon hearing his sister screaming, Louie’s two neighbors arrive. After some indecision, one of them looks after the kids while Louie and the other neighbor bring his sister to the hospital. Though it turns out to be a false alarm, Louie finds a bond with the people who live around him.

Parks and Recreation” – “The Debate” (Amy Poehler)
Leslie and Bobby Newport hold a debate for City Council. Tom is upset because Ann once again broke up with him and she and Chris have been acting very close. Andy and April agree to hold a viewing party of the debate at their house for Leslie’s donors, but unfortunately Andy forgot to pay the cable bill.

“Parks and Recreation” – “Win, Lose, or Draw” (Michael Schur)
The results of Pawnee’s City Council election are announced and Leslie is declared the winner. Bobby’s campaign manager offers Ben a job working for a congressional reelection campaign in Washington, D.C. April asks for Andy’s help after she accidentally deletes all of the department’s files.

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