Will ‘Hope Springs’ net Meryl Streep 18th Oscar nomination?

In February, Meryl Streep finally won her third Oscar for her starring role in “The Iron Lady.” That tied her with her pal Jack Nicholson, as well as Ingrid Bergman and supporting player Walter Brennan.  As with Nicholson and Bergman, two of Streep’s wins came for lead performances.


While Streep has racked up a record 14 nominations for Best Actress (and another three for supporting), it is Katharine Hepburn who holds the overall record for most Oscar wins with four, all of which were in that lead category.

Our forum posters have been busy discussing and debating the likelihood of Streep being nominated for Best Actress for her work in the just released “Hope Springs.” Below, just a sampling of their comments. Weigh in with your thoughts here.


Jones and Streep are both getting very strong notices, as is Carell. And the film itself is getting stronger reviews than I had anticipated. Depending on the box office, could this really become an Oscar player in acting and maybe even screenplay? Globes seem like a safe bet.


 If this is really a weak year for Lead Actress, then you can always count La Meryl to get a nod.

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I doubt they just nominate her for the sake of nominating her anymore. Just doesn’t make sense.


She won’t be nominated for this. But she’s a lock for the Comedy Globe.


If she wins GG for comedy actress, will she be automatically safe for an Oscar nom? So far have there been any viable contenders in that category?

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