See how you did predicting National Board of Review Awards

Almost 400 Gold Derby readers predicted the winners of the National Board of Review Awards. In total, our Users logged almost 4,000 predictions. 

To see how you fared, log in to your account and under your profile picture click on National Board of Review Awards 2012. And to find out where you rank on our leaderboard, click here

These kudos confounded almost all of our predictions (read full report here). Only two of the 11 races went to the frontrunners: Best Foreign Language Film (“Amour“) and Best Ensemble (“Les Miserables“).  See the full breakdown of categories here

Not surprisingly, our Users, Experts and Editors did not fare that well when making predictions.

Only three Users predicted Bradley Cooper (“Silver Linings Playbook“) to win Best Actor while just one foresaw that “Looper” would win Best Original Screenplay. 

Three Users — MatthewDiFeo , foxmulder and Jack Dudley — scored 45%. And 21 more Users came in at 37%. 

These results are more impressive when you consider our top Expert — Kevin Polowy (Next Movie) — scored only 28% as did our three Editors (Chris BeachumMarcus Dixon and Daniel Montgomery).

Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil and Paul Sheehan got 19%. Edward Douglas (Coming Soon) and Tariq Khan (Fox News) did not get any of  the races right. Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) missed on his three predictions as did Steve Pond (TheWrap) who weighed in only with his thoughts on Best Picture. 

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