News Nuggets: Adele sets a post-Grammys sales record

Adele‘s record sales get the biggest post-Grammy boost in history: “Adele not only gobbled the top three prizes on the show, she enjoyed a 207% sales increase over the pre-Grammy week, selling over 730,000 albums in the seven days following the event. That’s the largest post-show boost in the 54-year history of the awards. The previous record holder was Norah Jones, whose ‘Come Away With Me’ moved 621,000 copies in its initial Grammy wake.” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

What if every Best Picture nominee were like “The Artist“? Watch the video: NEXT MOVIE

Oscar love may not lead to box office success for this year’s contenders: “The 2012 grosses have been surprisingly strong, up nearly 18 percent year to date compared with 2011. But if you think any of that is thanks to people rushing out to see the best picture contenders ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards show, think again. Just look at this past weekend’s box office, which featured five films taking in more than $20 million in U.S. ticket sales over the four-day Presidents Day period. None were Oscar films. In fact, the best performer of this year’s nine best picture nominees, the George Clooney-starring ‘The Descendants,’ finished in 11th place, with an estimated $3.5 million take.” GREEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE

Oscar campaigns get around new rules: “This year, the Academy clamped down on past Oscar campaigns that included lavish parties for members where the food and drink flowed. In September, the Academy passed new rules that prohibited receptions after screenings, a longtime Hollywood lobbying ritual, and limited to two the number of panel discussions that filmmakers can attend … What the changes didn’t prohibit was nominees like ‘The Help‘s’ [Octavia Spencer] from attending a panel discussion at which she talked about growing up in the Southern United States and encouraged USC students to reach for their dreams.” BALTIMORE SUN

What will win Best Live-Action Short at the Oscars? “This category is tougher to predict than the animated ones. ‘The Shore‘ could potentially appeal to the older demographic, but ‘Tuba Atlantic‘ touches on the same themes and it’s different enough to stand out from the bunch. ‘Time Freak‘ might be a surprise winner. They were open to rewarding young hip comedies last year, weren’t they? At the end of the day, I think if anyone can crash ‘Tuba’s’ party, it will be the topical and dramatic ‘Raju.'” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

How to untangle the sound categories at the Oscars? “Trying to read the mind and methodology of voters for a pair of awards this technical can be tricky, since even taking the time to create a few paragraphs of analysis does not reflect the reality that a huge number of Oscar voters will take no more than five seconds to look at these lists, then quickly ink in the box for the movie they like that they most instantly associate with sound.” GRANTLAND

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