News Nuggets: Al Pacino receives the National Medal of Arts

Al Pacino receives the National Medal of Arts: “‘Presidents and senators don’t have men killed,’ Michael Corleone was told in ‘The Godfather.’ They do, however, give out prizes. On Monday, President Obama presented Al Pacino, the ‘Godfather’ star and Academy and Tony Award-winner, with a medal recognizing his contributions to film and theater as the 2011 National Medals of Arts and National Humanities Medals were awarded.” NEW YORK TIMES

Grammy ratings justify CBS’s West Coast tape delay: “Although the Oscar telecast has historically aired live across the country and now the Golden Globes and Emmy awards shows are also live, CBS is not ready to follow suit with the Grammys. The network’s rationale is simple: more viewers are available to watch the show between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. than they are in the late afternoon. Given that Sunday night’s show drew almost 40 million people — its second-biggest audience ever behind the 1984 telecast that saw Michael Jackson sweep the awards — it is hard to argue with CBS’ logic.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

Chris Brown, the Grammys, and the message sent to kids and teens: “Sure, people should have second chances, and sure, people can like the music of artists who say and/or do nasty things. That doesn’t mean they deserve a chance to strut around the Grammy stage a few years after being convicted of felony assault for his attack on Rihanna at a pre-Grammy party … Sadly, many fans felt Brown did nothing wrong or that Rihanna must have done something to provoke him. What kind of message do you think they got from the Grammys showcasing Brown at this year’s ceremonies?” WASHINGTON POST

The Oscars will be visited by a nun: “Mother Dolores is not flying or singing, but the real deal — and the focus of ‘God is the Bigger Elvis,’ which is nominated in the best documentary short category and premieres April 5 on HBO. ‘It will be so nice to be back at the Oscars,’ says Mother Dolores, 73, the Benedictine nun who stars in the 37-minute visit to the Abbey of Regina Laudis, appropriately located in Bethlehem, Conn. ‘It’s such a fun night … The last time I was there was in 1959, when I was a presenter,’ says Mother Dolores, who is spiritual counselor to 38 other cloistered sisters. ‘This will be different.'” USA TODAY

George Clooney joins an elite Oscar club: “In the history of the Oscars, only 16 men have been well-respected and well-liked enough by the Academy to score at least three best actor nominations within a span of five years. (Amazingly, two of them had two such streaks, bringing the total number of streaks to 18.) The most recent actor to join this elite list: George Clooney, whose best actor nomination this year for ‘The Descendants‘ follows best actor noms for ‘Michael Clayton’ (2007) and ‘Up in the Air’ (2009).” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Catch up with the Oscar contenders at AMC theaters: “This weeked, AMC theaters across the country are putting on the Best Picture Show, a two-day event where all of the Oscar-nominated films are shown. All nine movies will be shown on the big screen (even those already out on DVD). So if you can stand hours and hours of movies in one sitting, you are in luck.” WASHINGTON EXAMINER

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