News Nuggets: Artists will protest Grammys for cutting ethnic categories

Daniel Radcliffe offended by “Harry Potter” Oscar snub: “‘I don’t think the Oscars like commercial films, or kids’ films, unless they’re directed by Martin Scorsese,’ Radcliffe said. ‘I was watching “Hugo” the other day and going, “Why is this nominated and we’re not?” I was slightly miffed.’ He added: ‘There’s a certain amount of snobbery. It’s kind of disheartening. I never thought I’d care. But it would’ve been nice to have some recognition, just for the hours put in.'” GUARDIAN

Pro-Meryl Streep email angers Oscar voters: “A Weinstein Company email that appears to skirt AMPAS campaign rules by using a third party to reach Oscar voters has stirred up anger among Academy members and rival campaigners. But the email does not violate Academy regulations, AMPAS COO Ric Robertson told TheWrap on Tuesday … The email in question … was sent as a third-party advertisement by the Hollywood Reporter’s parent company, Prometheus Global Media, to THR subscribers, some of whom are Academy members … The email contains a ‘for your consideration’ ad with an embedded link.” THE WRAP

Musicians to protest the Grammys for cutting ethnic and minority categories: “Some 23,000 people have signed a petition demanding that the Recording Academy reinstate Grammy awards for Native American and Hawaiian music, and reverse cuts in categories for Latin Jazz, Gospel, R&B and Blues that were axed in a major overhaul last year. Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt and Bobby Sanabria are among the dozens of artists who have spoken out against the decision. Musicians say the Grammy cuts will harm their careers financially and diminish the profile of music enjoyed by minority communities.” REUTERS

A Grammy word cloud reveals the most common words in Record of the Year nominated songs: “Much to your high school grammar teacher’s dismay, the most repeated word in the five songs is ‘gonna,’ followed by the mantra-words from Adele‘s hit — ‘rolling’ and ‘deep.’ More interesting, though, is to examine the lesser-used samplings, where ‘jagged,’ ‘strength’ and ‘choke’ pop up alongside words such as ‘black,’ ‘ice’ and ‘bullet.’ What does the cloud say about 2012’s lyrical themes? Not much, probably, other than the fact that Adele repeats ‘rolling’ a heck of a lot during the song, just as [Katy] Perry drills the word ‘firework’ into our heads.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

Can Gary Oldman upset to win the Best Actor Oscar? “But what about a guy like Oldman, who has worked with just about everyone in town and has been at the grind for decades? Not only is he a solid worker, but he offers up stunning portrayal after stunning portrayal, even in the most dubious of projects (many of which he’s been forced to take on over the last 10 years or so). The BAFTA Awards on Sunday will be an interesting test for Oldman … Given the showing ‘Tinker’ had in the nominations, I expect him to win, but if [Jean] Dujardin triumphs, well, it’s not even worth discussing in hypotheticals anymore at that point.” IN CONTENTION

Profiling Bruno Mars-led writing and producing trio the Smeezingtons: “Mars, just back from a tour, plinks away at a newly-purchased Korg keyboard while [Ari] Levine and singer-songwriter Philip Lawrence perch on couches. Levine’s dog Rambo snores noisily on the floor. This is the Smeezingtons’ moment of calm after storming up pop charts for the past two years. ‘What I just went through the past year, I’ve never done before in my life. Everything: Interviews, on television, we’ve toured everywhere,’ Mars says, shaking his head. ‘I’m excited for round two.’ The first round was a doozy: Mars has six nominations at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, including one for album of the year for the worldwide bestseller ‘Doo-Wops and Hooligans.'” THE STAR

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