News Nuggets: Can ‘Smash’ help ‘My Week with Marilyn’ find a larger audience?

Seth Rogen complains about the absence of genre films at the Oscars: “‘I honestly thought “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” was one of the best movies of the year. It got no love from awards, whatsoever. I loved that fucking movie!’ Rogen told Collider. ‘It was great! And, I thought “Drive” was awesome too. That got nominated for an Independent Spirit award, but didn’t get any Oscar nominations.’ … Take a look down the list of nominees at this year’s Oscars, and there’s a notable absence of genre material in the major categories, while a number of movies that were actually pretty poorly received by critics appear to have inexplicably crept in.” GUARDIAN

Cirque du Soleil will perform at the Oscars: “The three-minute performance will be among the international troupe’s biggest yet, said Cirque du Soleil special events director Yasmine Khalil, featuring more than 50 artists. Most Cirque shows employ 75 to 80 artists over two hours, she said … Khalil wouldn’t reveal any specifics about the performance other than to say ‘the theme is very much in line with paying tribute to the movie-theater experience’ and different from ‘Iris,’ Cirque’s regular show at the Kodak Theater, which is billed as ‘a journey into the world of cinema.'” NY DAILY NEWS

Bullhead‘s” Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film surprised its director and star: “The nomination, Oscar watchers seemed certain, would go to the Dardennes brothers, Jean-Pierre and Luc, who are icons of Belgian cinema. After all, their ‘The Kid with a Bike‘ won a Grand Prix award at the Cannes film festival last May and ‘Kid’ is widely-considered their most accessible film yet. ‘I thought this time they will make it because they were never Academy Award nominated,’ Schoenaerts told Reuters. ‘And then it came as a surprise that we made it.'” REUTERS

Troubled Kodak takes its name off of the Kodak Theater: “The Eastman Kodak Co. received court approval Wednesday to end its sponsorship deal with the Hollywood theater that is the venue for the Academy Awards. Kodak signed a $74 million deal for naming rights to the theater in 2000. But the struggling photography company filed for bankruptcy protection last month and wanted to end its contract for naming rights of the glamorous Los Angeles theater as it tries to improve its finances.” WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Weinstein Company expands “My Week with Marilyn” to capitalize on NBC’s Marilyn-themed “Smash“: “With its soapy survey of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe, the new NBC potboiler ‘Smash’ is clinging to reasonably good ratings since launching last week. And now The Weinstein Company, never one to miss an opportunity, has discreetly hitched its double Oscar nominee ‘My Week With Marilyn’ to ‘Smash’s’ own (alleged) Marilyn-fueled momentum.” MOVIELINE

Video: Paul MacInnes argues that “The Descendants” deserves to win Best Picture: GUARDIAN

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