News Nuggets: Could Matthew McConaughey be an Oscar contender in ‘Magic Mike’?

Jessica Chastain considers life after her breakthrough year: “‘It’s a strange moment when your dreams become your reality,’ she says. ‘What does it mean? Yesterday I had my portrait taken for the Academy. The photographer told me he shot Rita Hayworth! For the rest of my life, I am “the Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain.”‘ The Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain now occupies that strange, glorious country reserved for the newly famous. But unlike any number of her contemporaries, she has ascended to this delicious height without tabloid-worthy histrionics. (‘I’m not as interesting as my movies,’ she murmurs.)” NEW YORK TIMES

Liza Minnelli to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Astaire Awards: “The ceremony will also honor the work of late director-choreographer Bob Fosse and performer Gwen Verdon. Several of Fosse’s pieces will be presented during the Astaire Awards, which will be held at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. The 30th annual Astaire Awards, which recognize excellence in dance on Broadway and in film, will be dedicated to Tony-winning producer Marty Richards. Tony-nominated producer Kathleen Raitt will also be recognized with a special award for her efforts in helping to establish the Astaire Awards.” PLAYBILL

Could Matthew McConaughey be nominated for an Oscar for “Magic Mike“? “A reader happened to get into an advance/test screening that took place recently and reported back to us that not only did this one play very well with the entire crowd — she described it as a cross between ‘Flashdance,’ ‘8 Mile’ and ‘All About Eve’ — there could be awards in the mix if the voters are open-minded enough. ‘I don’t mind saying that I think it wouldn’t be out of place for him to garner a supporting nod for his performance in the Globes or the Oscars,’ the reader told us about Matthew McConaughey’s performance.” INDIEWIRE

Why do the Olivier Awards exclude so much of London’s best theater? “In American theatre, the Tony awards take that pole position. Here it’s the Oliviers: ‘British theatre’s most sought-after awards,’ according to their website … So what if I told you that Michael Sheen‘s ‘Hamlet’ wasn’t even eligible for best actor? Or that Lisa Dillion‘s achingly brilliant performance in ‘Knot of the Heart,’ a role written especially to challenge her, could never have won best actress? The same goes for Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins, who both delivered effortlessly complex, delicate performances in Nick Payne‘s ‘Constellations.'” GUARDIAN

Esperanza Spalding uses Grammy fame to make her music: “One might reasonably refer to it as the “Best New Artist” curse. Win that Grammy, and you’ll receive a mixed blessing … Esperanza Spalding took the Grammy in that category in 2011, in the process upsetting Justin Bieber and his fans, and achieving the unthinkable: on the strength of an uncompromising recording that successfully sought to blend jazz and classical music, Spalding managed to move ambitious, heady music into the mainstream.” BUFFALO NEWS

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